Best Beginner Welding Helmet: 11 Things You Need

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Best Welding Helmet for Beginners: Here’s the Most Important Features Do you know that choosing the best beginner welding helmet can provide protection from common beginner mistakes? It can also be more comfortable with fewer distractions so you can stay focused on learning to weld? Most beginners get a brief introduction to basic welding safety … Read More

What Is Grind Mode on a Welding Helmet?

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Why You Need Grinding Mode on Your Next Welding Helmet It’s all about safety and productivity.  A welding helmet with grind mode includes an option to improve visibility during the grinding process by setting the lens shade at the lowest level. It eliminates the need to switch to a grinding shield. How Does Grind Mode … Read More

Who’s Got the Lightest Welding Helmet?

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Save your neck and upgrade to a new welding helmet! The lightest welding helmet on the market is made with durable, lightweight materials, so it’s lighter than traditional helmets. Plus, it’s more comfortable and easier to use. Add to that a number of other great benefits – like safety features and visibility – and you’ll be glad you made the switch!

7 Carolina Welding Boots That Can Take the Heat

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7 Carolina Welding Boots That Can Take the Heat Carolina welding boots have earned a reputation for all-day comfort and serious durability. While the lifetime of lesser boots gets measured in months, you can expect years of wear from the Carolina line, even in brutal industries like pipeline, foundry, and welding work.  Welding demands safe … Read More

Welding Safety for Beginners in 4 Steps

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Welding Safety for Beginners Learning to weld leads to an enjoyable and useful skill. But like many rewarding activities, it is possible to get hurt. Beginner welders who understand welding hazards and follow safety procedures can minimize their exposure to risk. This article covers the four steps of welding safety for beginners: Know the hazards … Read More

9 Best Welding Pants with FR Durability & Comfort

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Made from a sturdy flame-resistant (FR) material, the best pants for welding will repel or self-extinguish red-hot sparks and molten spatter. Keep in mind that even good welder pants are only flame-resistant—not burn-proof. They won’t last long under direct exposure to molten spatter or heavy grinding sparks. FR welding pants are best worn as secondary … Read More

Best Welding Shirts for Comfort and Protection

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Designed to self-extinguish hot sparks, the best welding shirts protect and provide peace of mind from stray sparks that may sneak past welding helmets, jackets, and leathers.  The best shirts for welding can keep you warm in cold weather, or even release trapped heat, so you’re more comfortable in summer when things get extra hot. … Read More

Best Welding Boots for All-Day Comfort & Safety

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A vital piece of every welder’s PPE (personal protection equipment), we review and compare eight of the best welding boots for men and women. At a minimum, welding boots must resist red-hot sparks and searing spatter, protecting the welder’s feet from these primary welding hazards. A pair of good welding boots go further, shielding the … Read More

What Size Wire for Welder Extension Cord? 120V/240V

30-amp welder extension cord with 10 gauge wire.

Need to know what size wire for welder extension cord safety and performance? There’s no doubt that a lightweight, undersized cord can derail your welding project. With long runs, extra resistance can lead to cord-melting heat, shorts, and even fire.  At a minimum, you can expect the voltage to drop, causing poor weld performance and … Read More