Top 5 Plasma Cutters Under $1000

Cut Project Times with the Best Plasma Cutters Under $1000 Cutting your metal stock to size before welding it can be a pain, right?  Compared to oxy-fuel torches, grinders, and band or chop saws, plasma cutting is safe, fast, and easy to learn. Plus, plasma cutters work with any conductive metal and easily cut tight … Read More

What Size Generator for Welding?

What Size Generator Article Cover

What Size Generator for Welding? Sometimes it’s just more practical to tackle welding jobs in the field instead of in the comfort of your shop. Today’s generators and welders are more powerful and portable, making it easier than ever to weld at remote locations, but what size generator for welding is right for you? Jump … Read More

Must-Have Welding Tools for Beginners Starting Out

In this guide, you’ll get a detailed list of the must-have welding tools for beginners, along with a few more in the nice-to-have category.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a beginner welder thinking about the investment you’ll make to set up your workshop. But with a purchase of a welder, safety gear, and a … Read More

Best Welding Helmet Lights: 4 to Fit Any Hood

It might surprise you how much welding helmet lights can improve your welding experience.  If you frequently need to lift your hood to position the torch or have trouble making a straight weld that tracks the joint, installing a welding helmet led light kit is a real game-changer. This quick and simple upgrade improves your … Read More

Best Work Light for Welding: How to See What You Weld

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Trying to weld under dim lighting increases your odds of injury and making terrible welds. It’s just not worth the risk when it’s so easy to remedy this problem. I’ve narrowed the choices of best work light for welding down to the top ten. The options include task area lighting, along with some general lighting … Read More

Gifts for Welders | 30+ Gift Ideas They’re Sure to Love

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Top Welding Gifts for Your Favorite Welder If you’re looking for perfect gift ideas for the welder in your life, look no further! Whether they’re a professional welder, DIY welder, or an aspiring welder, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the ultimate list of gifts for welders. Jump to: Gifts for Everyone … Read More