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Hobart 140 vs Lincoln 140: MIG Welder Face-Off

Many in the market for a good-quality MIG welder for home or small-business use will face a Hobart 140 vs Lincoln 140 decision.

First-time beginners wary of no-name, cheap, knock-off welders (or second-time buyers replacing one) look to trusted brands like Lincoln and Hobart.

As far as build-quality and specs go, the Hobart 140 and Lincoln 140 are similar. Hobbyists choosing either will get a solid, no frills, easy-to-use machine—you almost can’t go wrong. 

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Best 110V MIG Welders: What’s in Your Garage?

110-volt MIG welders are portable, handy tools you can power from a standard outlet. And while designed for light duty home use, the best 110V MIG welders are also versatile.

For example, in a car restoration, a 110V MIG welder repairs heavy suspension components with multiple passes at full power. Then, at a low setting, it makes precision spot-welds on thin body panels.

Even the best MIG welders on the market vary in cost, quality, and function. The best choice for others may not be useful to you. That’s why you’ll see seven recommendations for different needs.

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Best Welder for Beginners? 19 Smart Reasons for MIG

The best welder for beginners, if chosen wisely, could be the last you’ll ever need. As a bonus, you won’t weld like a beginner for long.

Ease of use and versatility combine to make a welder the best for beginners.

Simple enough to use that a beginner can quickly start making useful welds without frustration, and versatile enough to weld popular metals of different thicknesses under a variety of conditions.

And, the best of these machines will continue to meet your needs well beyond the beginner’s stage.

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Best MIG Welders For The Money: The Hobbyist’s Guide

Whether you're a welding beginner or a more advanced enthusiast this guide will help you focus your buying choices on the best MIG welders for the money.

Discover what features to expect in price ranges of interest to most hobby welders, and see the best MIG welder values for each group.

Learn which options are "nice-to-have-just-in-case," and which can make you a better welder every time you pick up the torch. 

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