Underwater Welding Dangers and Safety

Dangers of Underwater Welding

Why is underwater welding so dangerous? The main underwater welding dangers include electrocution, drowning, gas toxicity, and other effects of extreme pressure. Underwater Welding Dangers The dangers of underwater welding require operators to be skilled at both welding and commercial diving. Before picking up a mask, professional training for welding or diving focuses on the … Read More

How Long is Welding School Training?


Just How Long is Welding School Training Anyway? The first requirement to become a professional welder is to graduate high school or get a GED. After that, aspiring welders usually begin their training journey at a welding trade school, college, or university. The chosen educational route determines just how long welding school training lasts for … Read More

How Much Does Welding School Cost?

How Much Does Welding School Cost?

If you are considering becoming a welder, training will be the most important factor in determining the type of welding career you settle into. But training in the most recent welding technologies comes at a price. How much will welding school cost you? Most welding training schools cost between $3,000 and $20,000, with the average … Read More

How to Become a Welder: Steps to a Professional Career

How to become a welder image man welding on a pipe

Build a Career as a Professional Welder Sixteen hundred years later, our progress beyond the ancient forge-welding process is evident. Anywhere you look there are bridges, skyscrapers, airplanes, and even cell phones, all thanks to welding. As the American Welding Society states: “Welding is the secret ingredient that keeps today’s world together. If so, then … Read More