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Christmas Welding Projects | 25+ Inspiring Ideas for Gifts & Decor

With the holiday season comes a unique opportunity for welders to create a variety of Christmas welding projects. Here you’ll find a large assortment of the best creative holiday projects to inspire you. 

Whether you’re interested in making welded home decor projects, need welding gift ideas, or are looking to create items to make money welding, in this article you’ll find the guidance and inspiration that you need.

Christmas Welding Projects

Christmas Tree

This design is a favorite with horse lovers and people who like a rustic decor look for their home or barn during the holidays. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions to complete this DIY holiday welding project.

Scrap Metal Christmas Tree

This tree brings together several metal elements to create a unique Christmas tree design. Bend the branches before welding them onto the metal trunk to give the tree a lifelike look. Top it off with a star made out of scrap metal items and you have a winning design.

Welded Candle Holder

Looking for simple Christmas welding projects? This project fits the bill. Great for decorating your home or to give as a Christmas gift this holiday season. Check out this video for the project instructions.


One of my favorite easy Christmas welding projects is this wreath. A simple design that has endless possibilities for decorating throughout the year.

Welded Reindeer

Image of horseshoe reindeer christmas welding project.

You can make a wonderful holiday display with this adorable reindeer design. After you get this reindeer welded up, finish it with a clear topcoat or paint and decorate it for the holidays with a ribbon or scarf. 

Angel Ornament 

These angels are a fun welding project for the holidays. They are perfect to decorate your tree with, make for gifts, or to sell. Here are the video instructions for the project.

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Welded Christmas Decoration

This tree doesn’t have the table stand so you can hang it on a wall or door. Leave it plain or decorate it with ribbon and items from your local craft store to match your holiday decor.

Welded Snowman

These snowmen make wonderful holiday decor pieces. Decorate with a ribbon or a scarf to complete the look. Follow these step-by-step instructions to assemble the project.

Christmas Star

What a great simple design this is for a welded holiday decor piece. Bend it, weld it, decorate it, put lights on it and hang it up for the holidays. With this video tutorial, you’ll be able to complete this project in an afternoon.  

Tabletop Tree

Tabletop christmas tree welding project

This design is perfect for small spaces and is an easy welding project for beginners. Use this set of instructions to guide you through the project. Once completed, paint it, decorate it with ornaments, and weld a star to the top to put the finishing touch on it.


These cute reindeer look great by themselves or displayed in sets. Bend, weld, and paint rebar to create this simple holiday welding project. 

Christmas Tree

Here is a nice basic welded tree design for the beginner welder. After you complete the project finish it with a topcoat or paint, decorations and a star welded to the top. Follow this video for project instructions.

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Welded Christmas Ornaments

Horseshoe nails are also used in a variety of Christmas welding projects like this ornament. This type of project would be great if you’re wondering how to make money welding on the side or are looking for welded gift ideas. Here are the instructions for this project.

Tree With Tea Light Holders

Here is a variation on the traditional Christmas tree design. The addition of tea light holders and candles is sure to brighten up your holiday display this season. 

Welded Snowflakes

Use your imagination to create welded snowflakes for the holidays. Weld these beautiful snowflakes onto a stake to display outdoors, hang on a wall or from a ceiling. Make more than one in a variety of designs for a unique holiday display.

Man Cave Christmas tree

Here’s the perfect man cave Christmas tree design. Made of scrap metal and items you have on hand already in your shop or garage. Paint it, decorate it, and display it to show off your creative side.

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Welded Christmas Tree

This tree makes a nice decor piece on its own, or you can create several of them in different sizes for a unique holiday display. Leave plain with a topcoat or paint to match your holiday decor.  

Welded Snowflake

This beautiful snowflake is more like a work of art. By using your creativity and various types of metal, you can create a very unique piece of metalwork.

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 3-Dimensional Christmas Tree

A 3D tabletop tree makes a nice addition to a small space, mantle, or side table. Here Arc Academy shows us the step-by-step process to make their version of this popular project.

This video’s demonstrator, Stephen Christena, is the author of the book Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics. It’s a great resource for those wanting to learn to weld.

Welded Christmas Tree

This is a great example of a welding project for the beginner welder. It incorporates 3 different types of metals to create this holiday design. Trey Buddy takes you through the steps to create this design in his video.

Welded Christmas Decoration

Looking for welded yard art projects for the holidays? This welded star project with lights is perfect. Light up your yard by hanging it outdoors in front of your barn or garage. Here you’ll find complete instructions for this project.

Coffee Table Tree

Here’s a different take on a tabletop design using cut-up shoes to make the Christmas tree. It looks great with a clear topcoat or painted to match your holiday decor.

Christmas Tree Holiday Decor

Looking for the perfect tree design for a small area? These trees are the answer. Bend, weld, top with a star, finish with a top coat and you’ll have a stand-out holiday display.

Tall 3-D Christmas Tree

Like an actual tree, this design has branches everywhere. This larger design makes for a wonderful display, either inside or outside. Add a star on the top and lights to enhance your holiday display.

Christmas Tree Door Decor

If you have a few shoes lying around why not weld up a small Christmas tree to hang on a wall or door? Add some pine bows and a ribbon to the design and you’re all set. 

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Rustic Wall Decor

This mini tree consists of cut-up shoes welded together for the tree design. Then mount the tree onto a rustic wood plaque and add a holiday message. It would make a nice piece to display on your wall during the holidays, give as a gift, or to sell.

Hub Cap Christmas Tree

These hub caps make for the ultimate in scrap metal Christmas trees! Gather hub caps from the local junkyard, your garage, friends, and family members to create this unique welded Christmas tree project. This life-size tree is sure to be a conversation piece in your neighborhood this holiday season.

Final Words

I hope you’ve enjoyed my article on Christmas welding projects. I’m sure by now you have gotten some ideas that will inspire you to create some awesome metal art projects this season. Looking for more ideas? Find a wealth of great projects to weld here.

Want help choosing the best welding machine to bring your projects to life? Got that covered for you. In this article, you’ll find reviews for the top-rated welders for hobbyists and DIY metalworkers right here.

If you’re just learning to weld this guide to the best welding books will help you get started. How-to books, helpful reference guides, and project books can all be found here.

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