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Autumn Crafts to Weld

The holidays are just around the corner! You know what that means. The pumpkin spice lattes are flowing, the leaves are turning, and the Black Friday deals are coming. 

The only thing missing is the holiday decorations. And I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite welding projects for fall and Thanksgiving to try out.

The list includes projects for welders of all experience levels. Some have instructions, some have video, while others provide an image for inspiration. With projects using a variety of metals, there’s something for everyone. 

So why not head to your garage this year instead of the big box store? You can create your own unique fall decor with these ideas. And your friends and family are sure to be impressed!

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Fall and Thanksgiving Welding Project Ideas


Ever wonder what to make with all that old junk metal that’s lying around your garage and yard? How about a turkey sculpture? No two turkeys will be alike when you work with junk metals and that’s what makes them so special. Such a cool design and the only limitation is your imagination.


This wreath is a versatile project that can be used throughout the year. By changing out the accent items it can go from one season to the next. If you want to add a bow to your wreath just follow these instructions. This project is a favorite and a proven winner!

Fall Garden Sphere

With so many uses for these garden spheres, it’s no wonder that they’re a favorite among gardeners. They help transform garden urns into creative fall arrangements instantly. Add some fall foliage to this simple design to complete the look.


This popular design is an all-time favorite. In this video, you’ll get the step-by-step instructions you need to create your own pumpkins. Leave them as is with a clear coat or paint them with some of your favorite seasonal colors.


These fun sunflowers make for cool vintage wall displays. Pick up an old hub cap or two, cut out some metal petals, and use your welder to put the project together. Hang them up and enjoy!


Here’s a great-looking turkey design along with the video instructions to make it. Have some fun with the kids and let them paint it for you. Once completed, it makes a wonderful centerpiece for your table.

Metal Wall Signs

It’s easy to create a variety of fun wall signs with the metal items you have lying around. Make several and use them in your entryway and dining room. Sign ideas may include Gather, Thankful, Family, Grateful, Welcome, etc.


This open design makes for the perfect versatile fall decoration piece. It has enough open space to either add some decorative floral items, a candle, or both. It makes for a beautiful display on your mantle or it could be a focal point on your table.

Hanging Sphere

Use these hanging spheres to create a welcoming outdoor autumn display. Add your favorite fall flowers, some gourds, or a pumpkin to create a unique arrangement. If you have a large enough area, you could also make a set of three.

Corn Stalks Wildlife Feeder

This metal wildlife feeder looks great and serves a useful purpose as well. Weld up several of these and add dried corn cobs to complete the look. Put them out in your yard and enjoy viewing the visitors to them.

Final Notes

Okay, it’s time to get your welding projects ready for fall and Thanksgiving! I hope you’ve gotten some great ideas and are so inspired that you’re about to whip up some of your own welded decors.

Our Welding Projects page features many more ideas for beginners to advanced welders. You’ll find information on all sorts of projects, including welding projects for the home, garden, and shop. These are just a few of the countless possibilities that you can explore.

I understand that welding might seem like a very complicated skill to learn, but it’s not. All you need is the right equipment, some good welding books, reference guides, and a little bit of motivation to get started.

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