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Welding Project Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is fast becoming one of the most popular holidays for decorating your home. With your welder and a Halloween welding project or two, you can create your own horrifyingly creative Halloween decorations.

As always, the hardest part of getting started is coming up with ideas. I have put together a list of my favorite Halloween welding project ideas, and I’m excited to share them with you.

So get welding and have fun decorating!

Halloween Welding Projects

Welded Pumpkin Spider

Looking for a project to make your Halloween decor stand out in the neighborhood? Then this project is for you.

Weld up a couple of these giant spiders, add two pumpkins to each spider and you’ll have a frightening display to welcome trick or treaters on Halloween. Here you’ll find the step-by-step instructions to complete this project.

Pumpkin Yard Stakes

halloween welding project

Pumpkin garden stakes are a welcome addition to your garden and will add fall color to your yard. It’s an easy welding project that you can complete in an afternoon. Add paint or a clear coat for the finishing touches.

Welded Spider

Want to create a creepy yard display? You can create several of these scary welded spiders and scatter them around your yard.

Aluminum Welded Pumpkin

If you want to step up your creative game, this project will give you more of a challenge. Make this pumpkin out of aluminum using a TIG welder for a unique twist on a favorite fall welding project. Follow the video for in-depth project instructions.

Halloween Cat

What Halloween would be complete without the traditional Halloween black cat? In the video, you’ll get the guidance you need to complete this easy welding project.

Welded Pumpkin Holders

Here is a basic welded metal spider pumpkin design. You can make several of these in one afternoon. Add your pumpkins and scatter them throughout the yard. You’ll create a frightening display for the trick or treaters on Halloween night.

Welded Halloween Witch

This scary Halloween witch is sure to be a holiday favorite. After you finish welding it up, get the kids involved and let them decorate and paint their own Halloween witch this year for fun.

Halloween Pumpkin Welding Project

welded pumpkin halloween project

One of the more popular fall welding projects is the horseshoe pumpkin. Make several by using different-sized shoes to create pumpkins in a variety of sizes for your display. The video will take you through the steps to complete the project.

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Pumpkins for Halloween

Rebar also makes a great-looking pumpkin. Once you’ve completed the pumpkin body, add the stem and some coils to finish the piece. Looks great painted or left with the natural rust finish.

More rebar welding project ideas: 33 Rebar Welding Projects for Garden, Barn & Home

Welded Metal Spider Web Project

And if you’re looking to go all out this Halloween, this project is for you! Check out this video that will guide you through creating this giant spider web. This is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood Halloween night.

Skeleton Hand Welding Project

welded skeleton hand for halloween

This skeleton hand will be a frightening addition to your Halloween decor. Even creepier if it’s holding something creepy??? Here are the step-by-step instructions to complete this project using items you have lying around the garage already.  

Halloween Bats

What Halloween display would be complete without a few bats?  Make several of these to hang around outside in the trees, on the porch, or in your front entryway.

Final Notes

Thank you for checking out my article on Halloween welding projects. I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration to get started creating your own welded Halloween decor. Interested in more DIY welding projects? You can find more great projects to weld, right here.

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