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Horseshoe Welding Project Tools & Supplies

Whether you’re taking up horseshoe welding as a hobby or want to create projects for some extra cash flow, you’ll need some basic tools to get you started. 

You may already have some tools you’ll need in your garage or workshop, so it may be as easy as adding just a few items.

Here’s a list of basic horseshoe welding tools that will help you complete your horseshoe welding projects.  You’ll also find links to more in-depth information for several of the items.

Horseshoe welding tools and supplies..

Basic Horseshoe Welding Tools

  • Welder – you can use a MIG, TIG or Flux-Core welding machine for your welded horseshoe projects. Here are some 110-volt MIG welders for every budget. You can plug these into a standard household power outlet.
  • Steel
  • Handheld or bench grinder
  • Hacksaw or bandsaw
  • Locking metal
  • 2” x 2” piece of steel angle iron about 32”
  • Welding metal angle
  • Small magnetic level
  • Carpenter squares
  • Metal files of various sizes and shapes
  • or large block of steel
  • Handheld wire brush
  • (welding pliers) 
  • Welding Gas – choosing a welding cylinder
  • Welding Wire 

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Basic Safety Equipment

  • A helmet is a basic piece of safety equipment needed for welding and grinding. Lightweight welding helmets with an auto-darkening lens are comfortable to wear and automatically protect your eyes from damaging UV light and flying debris.
  • A flame resistant welding shirt is an important piece of safety equipment.  
  • Leather
  • Ear protection
  • Sturdy shoes or boots
  • Safety glasses

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  • Used shoes are easy to get from a local farrier or barn
  • Find new shoes at local farm supply stores or

Optional Items

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