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25+ Ideas for Welding Your Own Metal Coffee Table

If you’ve been out looking for a coffee table, then you know they are either outrageously priced or poor quality. So, what’s the answer? If you have your own welder and, in most cases, some basic woodworking skills, why not weld your own coffee table?

To get you started, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite welded coffee table projects that are perfect for the DIY welder. There are step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and pictures for inspiration.

If you’re ready to get started, let’s dig in and start welding!

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Welded metal coffee table with wood top.

Basic Beginner Welded Coffee Table Designs

Walnut and Maple Top with Welded Metal Base

Walnut and Maple Top with Welded Metal Base.

Here’s a simple, attractive and practical table design to get you started. Incorporating a nicely designed wood top adds to this table’s appeal. The easy-to-follow instructions to create this project can be found, here.

Rock or Granite Coffee Table with Triangle Stand 

Cut stone coffee table with welded metal legs.

This is a really cool idea. Find an impressive piece of stone or granite and create a stand for it to rest on and you’ve got yourself an awesome table. The base is basic and here you’ll find the guidance to complete this project in a day.

Basic Metal Legs

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a basic metal base for a wood-top table. Use a recycled piece of wood or create a new tabletop for this project—either will work. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll have a functional table in no time!

Versatile Wood Top Table with Basic Stand

Welded metal coffee table project for beginners.

Here’s a nice clean design that can take on different looks depending on the wood you choose for the insert. This is a good practice project for those wanting to learn to weld. It uses some basic techniques and the end result is a nice piece of furniture for your living area. Find out more here.

Hairpin Legs

Welded metal hairpin legs for coffee table.

Hairpin legs can be the solution to adding a simple base to many welded furniture projects. Learning the technique will enable you to create a variety of furniture items such as sofa tables, dining tables, stools, end tables, and, of course, coffee tables. Find the instructions here to create these legs out of steel rods or even rebar.

Modern Metal Coffee Tables

Modern Design with Welded Steel Legs

Modern welded steel leg coffee table.

Looking for a simple design that has a modern feel to it? This table is the answer. Here we see how using ½-inch steel to create the legs and a basic wood top can give a living area a sophisticated feel. Here you’ll get step-by-step instructions to get the job done.

Multi Level Coffee Table

Need to create a table with extra storage space? This will do it! With clean lines and a multilevel design, this project will deliver the much-needed extra space you crave. 

Modern Maple and Steel 2pc Set

Modern maple wood and welded metal coffee table set.

This set offers a heavy-weight maple top with a sleek design to complement a modern living space. Here you’ll get the plan to complete this project that calls on your woodworking and welding skills.

Coffee Table with Tuck in End Tables

Here is a way to take a basic design up to the next level. By creating three tables, you get a multilevel coffee table with the option of using the extra tables as end tables. A nice option to have when having guests over.

Multiple Table Designs

Multi level welded metal coffee table.

Here you’ll find a variety of design offerings based on one basic plan. This simple-to-follow tutorial will take you through the steps you’ll need to create one of these basic designs. Get the plans now.

Live Edge

What a great look! The popular live edge tables are fun to make and can take on different feels depending on the base you create for them. Here you see a modern base that was created for this table. A cool project, especially if you have a piece of wood you’ve been saving to create something special with.

Industrial Metal Coffee Table

Industrial Steel and Recycled Wood

Industrial reclaimed wood and welded metal coffee table.

This is a nice project using reclaimed wood and square steel tubing to create an industrial-style table. Follow along with this set of instructions and you’ll have the guidance you need to complete this project for your living area. To go along with your coffee table check out this article for welded furniture ideas.

Two Level Industrial Piece

A great combination of metal and wood elements creates this functional piece for your living space. See the spec in the picture as a starting point for your project.

Sleek Industrial Metal and Wood Table

If you don’t want to buy an industrial-looking table like this, you can make it with these easy-to-follow instructions. So why not save money and create this on your own? With this video tutorial, you’ll be able to tackle the project yourself.

Open Ended Table Design

This unique design looks great as the centerpiece for your living room or it can double as a bench if needed. A simple design with a streamlined look and a dual purpose that’s sure to be a winner.

Steel and Wood

This table creates a substantial metal look with a couple of pieces of recycled wood with a lot of character. Definitely a piece that will draw attention and receive compliments.

Rustic Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Rustic Log Top Coffee Table with Metal Legs 

Rustic log table with welded base.

Wouldn’t this rustic log table look great in a cabin or hunting lodge? They mounted this heavy-duty piece on a sturdy welded metal base. Check out these step-by-step instructions to create both the top and the metal base.

Horseshoe Base 

Whether new or used, horseshoes provide an easy-to-source material to use for a variety of projects for rustic decor. Here we see them being used as a base for a wooden coffee table. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, barn, or equestrian decor, this design is sure to please.

Rustic Heavy Duty Table

Looking for a heavy-duty table? This one can handle whatever you throw at it. Made from thick solid lumber and steel, it has an impressive look to it. Piazzawoodworks takes you through the steps to create this cool project.

Simple Coffee Table with Glass Top

Here you’ll find the instructions to create this simple but functional design. The base is a basic design. Add some wood boards and then the glass top, which gives this design a creative twist. 

Recycled and Scrap Metal

Car Hood Coffee Tables with Metal Legs

One of my favorite recycled metal table designs is the car or truck hood recycled into a table. I just love the vintage-worn paint look that the hood has. After you finish creating the top, add some metal legs to this piece of history and you’ll have a functional conversation piece for your home.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal welded coffee table using a metal access gate.

You never know what you may find at the scrap yard or flea market. Here we see how a metal access grate can create a unique piece of home decor. Using an access gate or something similar, here are the instructions to put it all together.

Industrial Coffee Table From Reclaimed Metal

Recycled metal coffee table with wood top.

Got scrap metal? Here we see some thinking outside of the box using scrap metal to create a coffee table. You can use other people’s trash (or your own) to create something new and useful for yourself at a fraction of the cost. A full instruction list is here for you to join in and start upcycling scrap into coffee tables.

Man Cave Table

Looking for a man cave table? I think this is it. Made from chains and repurposed salvage scrap metal, I would say it’ll give you the look you are after. And no two tables will be alike. 

Scrap Metal Coffee Table 

Scrap metal coffee table with wood top.

I like this table because it shows you that with some creativity you can make something cool with all kinds of junk metal. Here you’ll find instructions to complete this project and the inspiration to make something out of junk or scrap you have lying around.

Large Chain Base

Using your skills to weld chains together, you could put together this really interesting chain table base. Top it off with a substantial piece of wood or??? and you’ve got yourself a work of art!

Advanced Projects

Infinity Coffee Table

Metal infinity coffee table.

If you’re up for a challenge, then this project to create an infinity table may be just what you’re looking for. Carefully follow the directions and you’ll successfully complete this project. 

Integrated Legs

This sleek design incorporates a basic welded leg design, but because of the table style, you must be precise with your specifications or the legs will not sit flush. Luckily, this video will take you through the process of creating this unique design.

Herringbone Coffee Table with Metal Legs

Wood herringbone pattern coffee table with welded metal base.

This gorgeous design would make a great focal piece for a living area. Some precision woodworking skills are needed, along with your welding skills, to complete this project. Here you’ll find the guidance needed to assemble this project.

Massive Heavy Duty Design

If you’re looking for a table that can withstand years of abuse or you have a large area needing a focal point, this one is the ticket. Jim from Jimbo’s Garage will take you through the steps to complete this impressive project.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed exploring the many possibilities there are for creating your own welded coffee table. There’s nothing like being able to design and make custom items for your home. Pride in your work and the satisfaction that you get being able to make your own projects is a reward in and of itself.

If you are new to welding and be sure to check out our guides to the best welder for beginners and must-have tools to get started in the right direction.


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