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Welded Furniture Projects You Can Make For Your Home

Meet your new DIY addiction! This article will show you how to make original welded furniture projects for your home, without having to break the bank.

Whether you’re just starting out welding or have been practicing for years, there are projects here for everyone.

Find out how you can weld metal furniture projects with some great ideas you’ll find below.

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Wood and metal welded furniture project.

Occasional Tables

Nested Cube

Metal and wood nesting tables

Who couldn’t find a good use for this set of nesting cube tables? With clean lines and the option of using them individually or as a set, this design is a winner! You’ll find the step-by-step instructions here to create this project over a weekend.

Hourglass Pedestal Stand

Metal and wood end table

With this versatile design, you have many options. The top can be anything from a piece of wood to a unique slab of granite or marble. The look will change depending on what you choose for a top. You’ll get some help putting together this project with these in-depth plans.

Simple Industrial Sofa Table

Industrial style sofa table

If you love the look of industrial furniture, then you’ll appreciate this easy sofa table build. With simple lines, it’s a great project for beginners wanting to learn how to weld and get started making their own furniture. John Malecki Builds uses his MIG welder and takes us through the process of putting this project together.

Live Edge Sofa Table

The combination of live edge wood and metal is a truly distinct look. A basic design, yet it has so much character. The base is pretty plain but when you add the wood to it, the piece really stands out.


Wood and metal C table

This piece tucks away into your sofa when not in use, but when needed it’s a quick and handy spot to put drinks, snacks, or a candle or two. Easy-to-follow instructions make it snap to complete.

2-Shelf Sofa Table

2 shelf metal and wood sofa table

This project would be great for beginners looking to weld a simple yet stylish piece for their homes. Instructions plus a project drawing are included to help you assemble this table successfully. For more ideas for your home check out this article on welded coffee table ideas.

Infinity End Table

metal infinity end table with glass top

For those of you looking for a more challenging project, this metal table will fit the bill. Follow along carefully with the instructions you’ll find here to create this unique table. Use your angle grinder to clean up your welds and then finish the base. Top it off with a thick piece of glass to show off your creation.

Industrial Farmhouse End Tables

Looking for some industrial farmhouse inspiration for your next set of tables? Here you go! This set has a wonderful thick butcher block top that sits upon a sturdy base. I can see making a matching kitchen island with this same look.

Bedside Table

Bedside table metal and wood

I love pieces that are multifunctional! Besides being a nice place to set a cup of coffee, this bedside table also has a second shelf for books and magazines. Plus, it has an optional built-in light. One may not be enough, better plan on making two. Get the plans now.


Multiple Layered Shelving Unit

Multiple level metal and wood shelving unit

Who won’t want one of these shelving units for their home? A little more complicated project, but worth the effort. Change the look by switching out the finish of the metal and/or the type of wood used to coordinate with your decor. Follow along with these plans to create this project.

Industrial Bookcase

Here’s a heavy-duty industrial-style bookcase design that would really be a useful piece. Since it’s reinforced with crossbars it can hold a substantial amount of weight. The video from A Modern Maker will guide you through creating this piece for your home.

Floating Ladder Shelves

These floating ladder shelves would look great as the focal point of any wall. A basic design coupled with some nice pieces of wood and you’ve got yourself a functional wall unit. Complete the project for a fraction of the cost if you were to buy it retail. 

Industrial Wall Mounted Shelving

Industrial style wood and metal wall shelving

Functional wall shelves that add a lot of storage and display space come in at a budget-friendly price with this project. I can think of so many uses for this shelving unit throughout the house and garage. We get the step-by-step instructions to put this unit together here.

3-Cube Shelf

This smaller version of the cube shelf is great for displaying items on a desktop or mounting it to a wall. Check out this video tutorial for guidance to create this awesome display piece.

Minimalist Corner Shelving

Corner metal and wood display unit

Short on space? Not a problem. This unit will provide space to store items and create a corner display area. See the steps needed to complete this project, here.

Cube Shelving Unit

We’ve all seen the popular storage cubes sold at all the big box stores. But this design takes it to the next level. A huge amount of storage plus functionality and style makes this piece stand out above the rest.


Simple Welded Steel Stools

metal and wood stool

A basic stool has so many uses, everything from kitchen island seating to a shop stool for your workshop. This foundation design can be altered to fit your needs. By using different types of wood for the seat combined with a variety of finish options for the metal, the look totally changes. Get started with these easy-to-follow instructions.

Suspension Stools From Scrap Steel

Scrap metal stool

Scrap metal for welding can be found everywhere. Recycling scrap metal into useful everyday items is an awesome way to create furniture and decor for your home. These stools give you an idea of the cool items that can be made with scrap and a welder. The project is shared with us here. Hopefully, it will inspire you to create your own scrap metal stools with???

Basic Stool Design With Back

If you want to add a back to your stool, here’s what it would look like. Keep in mind you can make the stool in different heights to accommodate a bar or a kitchen counter. 

Chain Shop Stool

Welded chain and scrap wood stool

If you like the look of welded chains, then this project might be of interest to you. BM Sculptures takes you through the process of TIG welding this heavy-duty piece with raw steel chain for your shop. This will probably be the last shop stool you’ll ever need, it’s that tough.

Tractor Seat 

There’s no shortage of variations on the ever-popular tractor seat stool. Salvage some old tractor seats and some other scrap metal for the base and create your own design. The possibilities are endless and it’s a great vintage look for your home.

Live Edge Bar Stools

For a cabin or hunting lodge, these stools are perfect. The raw edge of the wood gives the design a rustic look and the metal base makes for a sturdy stool. Dema from Dema’s Woodshop provides video instructions along with a link to get the plans. 

Dining Tables and Chairs

Steel and 2×4 Dining Table Set

Steel and 2x4 wood dining table with bench and chairs

This is a great example of what you can create with some basic supplies like 2x4s and steel square tubing. With this plan, you’ll learn how to build a table, bench, and chairs for your kitchen or dining area. This is where you’ll find the plans.

X-Beam Table Legs

X beam metal and wood dining table

X-beam legs make for a sturdy industrial look base that can support the tabletop of your choice. This popular design is basic but has a lot of style to it. Create it for yourself with this guide.

Natural Wood Table

Metal base with wood top dining table

If you have a substantial piece of wood you’d like to use for a dining table, this table base design will hold up to the extra weight. Depending on the chairs you choose, you could create either a rustic or modern feel to the set.

Modern Minimalist Table

Modern style wood and metal dining table

The clean lines of this table make it perfect if you’re looking for a modern look for your dining area. Fix This Build That will take you through the steps to make this table for yourself with these instructions

Butcher Block Dining Set

Butcher top table with chairs and metal base

Here we see how you can use basic metal tubing to create the bases. Then create an appealing look by topping them off with a nice butcher block style wooden top. This looks like it would give a small eating area a big look. Check out this project.

Pedestal Base

Metal pedestal table with round wood top

If you’re interested in a round table build, this pedestal base will provide the support needed. Just input your dimensions and the chart included will determine the specs for your project. See the full article now.


Modern Metal & Wood Sectional Sofa

Metal and wood sectional

A metal section? Why not! Check out this cool modern sectional design and the plans to create it. Add a set of cushions and you’ve created your own custom sectional. A great addition for your home that will withstand any abuse your family may throw at it.

Industrial Couch

Industrial style wood and metal couch

By combining wood and metal in this design, you end up with a unique industrial-looking couch. After you’re finished building this project with the plans that can be found here, just add cushions and you’re set to entertain.

Metal Couch

Metal couch

This sleek modern couch would be a fantastic addition to any modern living area. Instructions for the full build are here. Get some cushions and you’ve got a couch that will last you a lifetime.

Bed Frames and Platform Beds

Walnut DIY Plywood Bed Frame with Welded Legs

Wood and metal platform bed

This DIY project is for a bed frame, but I can see that a metal headboard might be the next project on your list after completing this one. The walnut and metal create a beautiful minimalist modern look along with providing a place for your mattress to rest. The full project details are available here

Metal And Wood Bed Frame 

Jim from Jimbo’s Garage shares his experiences (good and bad) building out this bed frame and headboard project with us. A substantial project to take on, but the end result is a very nice piece for your bedroom. Up to the challenge? Check it out!

Storage Bed

This bed frame design creates a space to store items under the mattress but off the floor. Great idea for much-needed storage and creating a piece with a dual purpose.


Industrial Steel Frame & Butcher Block Wood Desk

L shaped industrial desk with metal base and wood top

With more people working from home than ever before, the home office has become a staple in many homes. Making your own desk enables you to customize it and create a nice solid piece of furniture. A much better option than buying a cheap flimsy desk at the big box store. This design creates a functional workspace that anyone would love to have in their home. Make it with these plans.

Metal & Wood Computer Desk Build

Jim from Jimbo’s Garage takes us through building a functional computer desk. I love this design with the ample workspace and multiple shelves all incorporated into a well-laid-out plan. A great piece for the home office.

Minimalist Black Steel Desk

Minimalist desk with wood top and metal base

Just need a functional desk for a kid’s room or a small space? This desk is the answer. Functional, compact, budget-friendly, and an easy project to put together with these instructions.

DIY Steel Frame Desk

Tim from Tim Welds shows us how to create a cool-looking industrial desk in this video. Nicely designed steel tubing legs support a beautifully finished wood desktop. 

Ultimate Computer Desk

Computer desk with metal base and wood top

This design features several shelves to accommodate multiple computer screens. This desk is geared towards someone who needs more than just a laptop to do their work. The step-by-step build can be found here to guide you through this project successfully.

Welded Home Decor

Modern Industrial Hanging Steel Pan Rack

metal pots and pans rack

Seems like there is never enough storage space in the kitchen. So, this project is great for those seeking to free up some cabinet space. Getting the pots and pans out of the way yet still accessible is a win for any kitchen. Check out the instructions to get this simple but practical project built in a day.

Triangular Industrial Shelving Unit

This simple minimalist design would look nice as a single shelf or create multiple shelves and hang them up together on a wall. Great shelf for a plant, a few books, or some decor items. 

DIY Wood Slab Bench w/ Steel Legs

Here’s an easy project with a big look to it. A wood slab bench would be a nice addition in a hall area or on a porch or deck. This video will take you through making this project on your own. Great project for a beginner welder.

Multiple Shelf Plant Stand

For the plant lover in your life. Plenty of room for multiple plants and even some other decor items accenting it. Add some wood bases to the shelf areas and you’ve got a super functional design. 

Easy Shelf Brackets

A basic shelf bracelet can be useful in so many places around the house. Make multiple sets for the garage, laundry room, and throughout the house where you’d like to add a shelf and display or store items. This video will show you how it’s done.

Hall Tree

Hall trees are such a great addition to any house. Place them inside the front door, near the garage, or in a mudroom. It is sure to get a lot of use and will help keep you organized with coats, hats, and shoes all in one spot.

3-Tier Metal Plant Stand

Inside the house or outside, this useful design will accommodate multiple plants on several levels. A great stand for an herb garden or to display a variety of indoor plants. You can find guidance to make this project in the video above.

TV Stand

Here’s a good-looking piece to put your TV on along with any accessories that can go on the lower shelf. Why settle for a cheap TV stand when you can create something awesome looking like this with your welding machine? You may even want to create an end table in the same style to complete the look in your room?

That’s A Wrap!

I hope you have found one or more welded furniture projects that have sparked your interest. Hopefully, you are excited to try building them yourself.

There’s just nothing like designing and building custom items for your home. It’s a great way to show off your personal style and craftsmanship. Time to jump in and give it a try!

Interested in more DIY projects? Check out our welding project page for over 175 projects all in one place.

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