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Best Welding Boots for All-Day Comfort & Safety

A vital piece of every welder’s PPE (personal protection equipment), we review and compare eight of the best welding boots for men and women.

At a minimum, welding boots must resist red-hot sparks and searing spatter, protecting the welder’s feet from these primary welding hazards.

A pair of good welding boots go further, shielding the wearer from dangers including impacts from dropped tools and heavy materials, electrical hazards, slips, and more.

The best boots for welding will safeguard users from both welding and metalworking hazards while keeping feet comfortable throughout the day.

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Best Welding Boots for Men


Best Welding Boots – Lace-Up Style

Our choice for best welding boots the Carolina 505
Carolina 8-inch Boot with Met-guard 
  • Union made in USA
  • Durable Goodyear® welt construction
  • Heat-resistant Kevlar® welt stitching
  • Memory foam insoles for comfort
  • Steel toe

At a reasonable price for top-quality materials and workmanship, along with all-day comfort, many consider the Carolina No. 505 8-inch the ideal welding boot.

I prefer lace-up boots to pull-on styles when spending long hours on my feet, so I can re-adjust the fit throughout the day for the best support. 

With thick leather uppers attached to a welted sole by super-strong and heat-resisting Kevlar® thread, the Carolina workers in Martinsburg, PA build this welding boot to last for years. 

Protect your feet with a steel toe and an external metatarsal guard that’s designed it into the boot—not tacked on as an afterthought—so it doesn’t flop around or easily tear off. It even provides an extra layer of abrasion resistance to the toe while keeping sparks and spatter away from the laces.

Carolina tests this welding boot to meet or exceed the latest ASTM compression and impact standards.

Carolina 505 welding boot outsole.

Known for providing stability and durability, the thick Goodyear-welted soles combined with a steel shank make this a rock-solid boot. Most welding boots this sturdy are very stiff and require a long, uncomfortable break-in period. 

But Carolina designed the 505 for durability and comfort. With quality leather, a roomy toe box, and memory foam insoles, this boot is comfortable out of the box, needing minimal break-in. 

As expected, in a welding boot of premium materials and top safety features, it is on the heavy side—averaging 5.58 pounds per pair in a D-width. This isn’t excessive and is reasonable considering the added comfort and safety.

Breaking laces are the most common complaint with these boots. They come with leather laces that, while heat-resistant, aren’t strong enough for work boots. To be fair, the metal hooks and eyes of this welding boot are hard on most standard boot laces.

A set of strong Kevlar® boot laces is an easy fix.

Fit is true-to-size. In sizes as small as a men’s 4, this can make a great welding boot for women. Sizes range up to 15, in half sizes, and widths of D to EE. It’s also available in a 6-inch height.

  • Electrical Hazard (EH) rated
  • Meets latest ASTM F2413-18 standards for compression (C/75) and impact (I/75) ratings
  • Vibram® Heat & Oil Resistant Sole
  • Securely attached plastic/foam-backed metatarsal guard
  • Not waterproof
  • Weight: 5.58lbs per pair (D-width)
  • Radiantex® Insole Board reflects heat 
  • Hard on laces
  • Expensive – $200+

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Most Durable Welding Boots for the Money

Timberland Pro 8-inch Met-Guard

  • Steel toe cap and external metatarsal guard protect feet and laces
  • Durable and heat-resistant Kevlar stitching on upper and welt
  • Rubber outsole resistant to heat (572°F), oil, abrasion and slips.
  • Full-grain waterproof leather

Timberland’s Pro 8-inch Met-Guard Laceup is a beast of a welding boot for around $80 less than the Carolinas. This is a solid choice if you want to stay on budget without sacrificing safety or comfort.

Constructed with waterproof leather uppers, this boot has an extra layer of abrasion-resistant leather protection at the toe and heel. Sewn to this toe layer is the waterproof metatarsal guard. 

This attachment method creates a “hinge” that allows the guard to rotate to relieve shin pressure while squatting. This hinge may weaken after prolonged use, and some have reported the guard detached.

Rubber soles, resistant to slips, heat, and oil, attach to the uppers with a premium Goodyear welt sewn with Kevlar thread. Welted construction improves stability and helps to keep water out.

Timberland welding boot sole

While the contoured polyurethane footbed is very good, and the Timberlands are lighter, they’re not as comfortable out of the box as the Carolina welding boots. These are stiff, so expect a good two to three weeks for break-in. They also don’t breathe well and can become hot. But this is a common complaint with fully waterproof boots.

Only in black, this is a good-looking and heavy-duty welding boot. If you prefer a shorter boot, check out the 6-inch version.

  • Weighs 4.82 pounds per pair in a size 9
  • Accurate sizes in men’s 7 to 15 wide
  • Met-guard may dig into shin when squatting
  • Met-guard attachment may weaken with wear
  • Meets US and Canadian safety standards including ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 I/75 and C/75, and CAN/CSA-Z195-14 Grade 1.
  • Electrical Hazard (EH) rated

Most Comfortable Welding Boots for the Money

Dr. Martens Ironbridge

  • Comfortable to wear without break-in
  • Water-resistant 100% leather upper
  • Steel toe and rigid steel external metatarsal guard
  • Heat-resistant Kevlar® Welt Stitching

About the same price as Timberland’s Pro lace-up, the Dr. Martens Ironbridge is more comfortable out of the box, although less durable under harsh use. This is a nicely made boot of excellent materials. It’s an ideal lace-up welding boot for the more casual welder.

Unlike boots made of hard, stiff leather, the Ironbridge uses oiled and tumbled leather that is pliable. This leather is also water-resistant and makes an attractive boot. Because it’s softer, there’s almost no break-in needed. But it’s also less resistant to damage. 

Famous for all-day comfort, Dr. Martens’ air-cushioned sole is thick and flexible. While resistant to oil, fat, gas, and alkali, the PVC soles are not heat resistant. Stepping on hot metal, such as welding rod stubs, can damage the soft bottoms on these boots.

Dr. Martens Ironbridge welding boot sole

The tread maintains good traction with temperatures above the freezing point. The PVC material stiffens in colder temps, reducing its gripping ability.

Goodyear welts secure the uppers to the soles using Kevlar® stitching for strength and to prevent damage from sparks and spatter.

This boot fits true to size, although the round toe box is slightly narrow and may crowd toes for some. Not something you want in steel toe footwear. Another important fit issue: This boot comes in men’s sizes 7 to 14, but not half sizes! 

  • In black and brown colors
  • Minimal break-in needed
  • Sizes 7-14 (no half sizes)
  • Air-cushioned sole is resistant to oil, fat, gas and alkali – but is not heat resistant
  • Meets Safety Standards: ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 MT/75 
  • Electrical Hazard (EH) rated
  • Not ideal for the harshest welding use – a comfortable option for hobbyist welders

Best Pull-On Welding Boots – Premium Choice

Ariat Workhog Met-Guard

  • Waterproof
  • Composite toe
  • Internal met-guard
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Replaceable gel insole

Over the years, I’ve had half a dozen Ariat boots of various styles. The quality of materials is excellent, and the level of comfort is always outstanding. I’m a big fan of Ariat products.

With rich brown leather and attractive western stitching on the shaft, the Ariat Workhog Met-Guard Safety Toe is a great-looking boot. 

The wide square toe (WST) style provides plenty of room in the toe box to prevent contact with the protective safety toe. Along with toe protection, an internal met-guard and electrical hazard rating round-out full protection for your feet.

Ariat gives this boot its premium ATS Max (Advanced Torque Stability) treatment for the ultimate in comfort and stability, including:

  • Moisture-wicking footbed for comfort
  • Gel-cushioned footbed with heel stabilizer for shock absorption and support
  • Compressible EVA midsole for shock absorption
  • Extra-wide shank for support and decrease of foot fatigue
  • Duratread outsole provides maximum wear resistance and flexibility

And it’s easy to keep your boots feeling and smelling like new with replaceable footbed insoles from Ariat.

Ariat Workhog H2O is the best welding boot in a pull-on style

To make sure you never struggle to pull on your boots, Ariat builds in a flexible panel just above the heel to allow easy entry. They call it the U-Turn system and it also reduces stretching of the leather which, over time, might cause a loose fit.

As with most Ariat products, workmanship is top-notch. Sometimes rough stitching or piping at the top of the shaft can rub the shin area. A good pair of over-the-calf socks prevent any irritation.

Ariat offers several variations on this style, so you can get a more breathable water-resistant version, or with insulation, a puncture-resistant sole, or steel toe, to name a few.

In sizes 7 to 14, in D and EE widths. Most Ariat sizing runs wide, and the regular “D” width is closer to an “E”, so this boot is not a good choice if your feet are on the narrow side.

  • Completely non-metallic
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Sole resists oil, slips and wear, but not heat
  • ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH rated
  • ASTM F2413-11 MT/75 rated 
  • Extra-wide plastic shank
  • Fit runs wide
  • May have rough areas around opening
  • Wide (roomy) toe cap

Best Pull-On Welding Boots – Best Value

Timberland PRO Wellington

  • Premium oiled full-grain and abrasion-resistant leathers
  • Lightweight
  • Steel toe and shank
  • Aggressive tread resists heat, oil and slips

If you prefer a steel toe welding boot without a met-guard, the Timberland PRO Powerwelt Wellington offers a lot for the money—at around $100 less than the Ariats.

What first catches your eye is the dark, matte area of this boot. Timberland treats the premium leather uppers, with what they call “Ever-Guard”, to improve abrasion and heat resistance. 

The area around the safety toe takes a beating, and many apply an aftermarket treatment like Tuff Toe to their boots. Ever-Guard is effective and saves you this trouble and expense. The treatment may crack and peel with age but should be good for the useful life of the boot.

Timberland's 53522 is the best value in pull-on welding boots

The overall durability of this boot is impressive, but the comfortable lining is soft and can wear out prematurely. This can make the boot uncomfortable to wear.

Timberland’s Powerfit™ comfort system technology supports and cushions feet—and they back it up with a 30-day comfort guarantee.

“Within the first thirty (30) days of owning your Timberland PRO® footwear with our exclusive PowerFit® comfort system or anti-fatigue technology, if you don’t think they’re your most comfortable pair of work boots, just return them with your dated receipt of purchase for a full refund.”


All wellington-type boots are more comfortable when worn with over-the-calf boot socks. This prevents leg abrasion from rough edges around the opening. 

  • Wellington work boot with a steel safety toe
  • Meets ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 I/75 and C/75 impact and compression safety standards and CAN/CSA-Z195-14 Grade 1
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Color: Two-tone brown 
  • 30-day Comfort Guarantee
  • Antimicrobial treatment to prevent and control odors.
  • Flush finger-grip pull-on feature won’t imprint or catch on pant legs
  • Lining may not be durable
  • May have rough areas around boot opening
  • Not waterproof
  • No met-guard
  • Fit is true-to-size in sizes 7 medium to 15 wide
  • Weighs 3 lb 10 oz per pair (size 7 med)

Most Comfortable Welding Boots Out of the Box

Michelin 8-inch Sledge

  • Lightweight & flexible with athletic shoe comfort
  • Breathable full-grain leather
  • Shock-absorbent phylon midsole
  • Excellent arch support
  • Steel toe cap, shank, and external metatarsal guard

Here’s the best welding boot if your priority is comfort—without enduring weeks of break-in discomfort.

Made using Strobel construction—the same technique used to make athletic shoes—so they’re lighter and more flexible. This boot delivers all-day comfort beginning on day one.

Unlike the stiffer, more stable, welted construction used on the other welding boots covered here, the soles on the Sledge are cemented in place and are not considered resoleable.

But these soles are wide for stability, with an aggressive tread providing excellent traction and slip resistance. In fact, except for punctures, this tread is resistant to just about anything you’ll encounter. 

Michelin Sledge is the best welding boot for comfort.

The removable insole incorporates a support framework that won’t compress with wear. So, this is a great boot if you need excellent arch support

And you’re not trading protection for all this comfort. Along with thick and sturdy full-grain leather, your feet get steel toe, steel met-guard, steel shank, and electrical hazard protection.

  • Out-of-the-box comfort without break-in
  • Not waterproof
  • Sizes 7.5 – 14W
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds per pair for a size 10
  • Electrical Hazard Protection (EH)
  • ASTM F2413 C75/I75 protective toe classification
  • ASTM F2413 metatarsal guard standards
  • Soles resist: heat, oil, metal chip, slip & chemical

Best Welding Boots For Women

Best Lace-Up Welding Boot for Women

Best womens boot for welding, the Carolina No..508.

Carolina 6-inch Boot with Met-Guard

  • Durable Goodyear® welt construction
  • Heat-resistant Kevlar® welt stitching
  • Memory foam insoles for comfort
  • Steel toe
  • Union made in USA
  • Sizes 4.5 – 16 (men’s) in narrow (B) to extra-wide (4E)

The lack of good welding boots designed for women is no secret. While not tailored for lady welders, Carolina offers its No. 508 boot in sizes and widths to fit many women.

This is the shorter version of the 8-inch Carolina boot featured earlier as the best lace-up for men. While that boot comes in sizes down to a men’s 4, it’s not available in a narrow width.

Designed for the harsh environment of steel foundries, this boot is ideal for welding work, providing all-day protection and comfort.

The thick and supple leather uppers are durable but quickly mold to your foot, reducing break-in time. They attach a fully welted sole using strong and heat-resistant Kevlar® thread. 

Carolina 508 boot sole

Along with a steel toe, an external metatarsal guard protects your foot. Designed into the boot, this met-guard won’t flop around or fall off. It even provides an extra layer of abrasion resistance to the toe, while keeping sparks and spatter away from the laces.

The quality of materials is obvious, as is the craftsmanship of the workers in Martinsburg, PA that goes into building this welding boot. 

  • Vibram® Heat & Oil Resistant Sole
  • Weighs 5.28lbs per pair (D-width)
  • Pillow Cushion™ Insole
  • Leather laces resist heat damage but are not durable – recommend Kevlar laces
  • Radiantex® Insole Board reflects heat away from foot
  • Breathable DRi-LEX® Lining wicks away moisture
  • Plastic/foam-backed met-guard
  • Electrical Hazard Rated (EH)
  • Meets or exceeds the ASTM standards for compression and impact testing rating of ASTM F2413-18
  • Not waterproof
  • Moderately expensive – $200+

Best Women’s Pull-On Welding Boot

Ariat Women's Krista Steel Toe

  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Easy on/off design
  • Four-layer footbed for all-day comfort
  • Roomy wide square toe box ensures steel toe comfort

Cowgirl styling meets all-day work performance for a great steel toe ladies welding boot. It features premium leather uppers and fancy western stitching on the matching 9-inch leather shaft. 

This boot gets Ariat’s entry-level 4LR™ (Four Layer Rebound) comfort system, including a four-layer footbed providing superior comfort, and a lightweight shank to stabilize and add support.

A flexible panel just above the heel makes these boots easier to get on and off. It’s called the U-Turn system, and it also minimizes stretching so the boots won’t become loose.

Ariat Krista women's welding boot outsole

Fit is true-to-size, but the leather is stiffer than most Ariat boots, so break-in time is longer. But they will stretch, so make sure they fit slightly snug when new or they will become too loose to provide support.

If you need more space for your toes, try the roomier round-toe style.

  • Women’s sizes 5.5 to 12 in B (medium) and C/D (wide) widths
  • Waterproof version available
  • Met-Guard version available
  • Non-marking, oil and slip resisting Duratread™ outsole
  • Color: dark brown uppers & shaft with pink lining
  • Shaft height: 9 inches from arch
  • ASTM F2413-11 F(female)/I/75 C/75 rated
  • Electrical Hazard (EH) rated

Best Ladies Zip-Up Boot for Welding

Caterpillar Women's Jace Steel Toe

  • Leather upper, spark-resistant wool or suede shaft
  • Easy-entry side zipper
  • Polyurethane footbed and PVC midsole absorbs shock, provides support and strength
  • Steel toe protection

Who says cute can’t be tough? Disguised by a fashionable exterior, the Caterpillar Jace is a serious women’s welding boot. 

You’re protected by a steel toe, a steel shank, and an electrical hazard rating. 

In two colors: brown leather uppers with a gray wool shaft, or black leather uppers and a black suede shaft. 

Caterpillar Jace women's steel toe boot

With a partially welted sole, this boot provides good stability along with flexibility. Without the stiffness of a fully welted sole, it needs less break-in.

  • Steel shank provides stability and support
  • Aggressive tread is slip and abrasion resistant
  • Not waterproof
  • Fit is slightly narrow
  • Shaft height: 6.5 inches from arch
  • Heel height: 1 inch
  • ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 steel toe protects against impact or compression
  • ASTM F2413-05 1/75 EH electrical hazard protection rated 

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Welding Boots

Protecting your feet from harm with a proper welding boot is one of the smartest investments you can make. 

The risks are real. Sparks, spatter and hot materials are the primary concerns. Other hazards include impact or crushing injuries from dropped tools, heavy project materials, and gas cylinders. And don’t forget slip and falls, punctures, and electrical shock. 

Unless you’re following an employer’s footwear requirement, it’s up to you to evaluate your needs. Look at working conditions, welding activities, and time on your feet. 

And don’t forget to consider all your activities—automotive, motorcycles, construction, and others—that may put your feet at risk. 

At a minimum, you’ll want a sturdy pair of smooth-leather boots, without exposed areas that may trap sparks and spatter. 

But for a small cost, a safety toe and a metatarsal guard is a real game-changer. You’ll get the best boot for welding with overall protection and peace of mind.

In harsh conditions, you can expect a $200 pair of modern welding boots to last a year or two. Those same boots could provide you with 5 to 10 years of service in less demanding recreational welding. 

In either case, I consider the cost reasonable for all that safety and comfort, so I buy the best welding boots I can reasonably afford.

Learn about other essential PPE for welding: Flame-resistant welding shirts or welding pants.

Lace-Up or Pull-On Boots for Welding?

I enjoy the style, and easy on/off convenience of pull-on boots. Plus, how the clean design, without laces or a tongue, naturally sheds sparks and spatter. 

But when I know I’ll be on my feet all day, I switch to lace-up boots for better comfort and less fatigue.

The thing to know about pull-on leather boots is they need to fit just right to provide all-day support. When new, you want a fairly tight fit to allow for stretching during break-in. Even after conforming to your foot, all leather boots relax further during the workday because of heat and activity. 

So, even after your new boots are broken-in, you need them slightly snug when you slip them on in the morning. This also makes them harder to get on. Not to mention how difficult it is to gauge how a boot will fit after they’re broken in. 

But this is important, because any time your pull-on boots are too loose, or too tight, your feet will get sore or tired. And there’s no way to compensate for changes to the fit, other than swapping insoles.

Now, I’m not saying that good pull-on boots cannot provide comfort over a 10-hour day, only that I know my feet are less tired if I can re-lace for optimal support over a long day.

If I get the chance to remove my boots for a few minutes at lunch, maybe change socks, and then re-lace for the best fit, my feet are in better shape to finish out the day.

I spent most of my life not thinking about how I laced my welding boots. 

But I learned how alternative lacing techniques can relieve pressure points, aid break-in of stiff leather boots, and prevent heel slippage.

Lace-ups also let you adjust for different sock thicknesses throughout the year.

The lace area is a trap for fiery sparks and spatter. But an external metatarsal guard will protect the laces and the top of your foot from impacts. Changing to flame-resistant Kevlar laces provides additional safety.

Leather boot covers, called spats, are an alternative to shield laces without impact protection.

Safety Toe Types

Steel –  The traditional material for protective safety toe caps. It’s strong, with excellent impact resistance, and low cost. While it’s the heaviest of the common materials, it requires less material and bulk to meet impact and compression standards. 

A steel safety toe will set off metal detectors and could pose an electrical hazard if damaged. Some say that metal toe boots are hotter in hot weather, and colder in cold weather, but that hasn’t been my experience.

Alloy – Also set off metal detectors and are more expensive. They are 30-50% lighter than steel, and less bulky than composite toes.

Carbon-Fibre – Non-metallic, lightweight, strong, and unobtrusive.

Composite – 30% lighter than steel toes, but requires more material for similar protection, making them bulkier. Hidden damage from heavy impacts can weaken a composite toe, so it’s important to replace the footwear as it may be ineffective.

Look for safety toe welding boots meeting the ASTM F2413 standard for impact and compression. 

The impact test assesses what happens when something heavy falls on the boot. The compression test shows what happens when something heavy rolls onto the boot. 

Top-rated I/75 C/75 boots will protect the wearer’s toes from an impact of up to 75 foot-pounds and compressive loads up to 2,500 pounds. An “M” or an “F” ahead of the impact rating “I” shows the testing was specific to male or female footwear.

Metatarsal Guard (Met-Guard)

They design metatarsal protection to prevent or reduce impact injuries to the middle bones of the foot. MT/75 rated boots will protect the wearer’s toes from an impact of up to 75 foot-pounds.

Met guards may be integral to the boot’s upper, or attached over the lace area in an external design. In welding boots, an external met guard protects laces from damage from sparks and other hot materials.

Aftermarket met guards will protect laces, but may not be ASTM impact rated.

Welding Boot Construction

Goodyear (Stitched) Welt

Ideal for waterproof, heavy-duty boots, Goodyear welt construction stitches a strip of material (the welt) around the upper like a flange.  The sole attaches to the outer edge of the welt with heavy stitching. This covers the upper-to-welt stitches, while the exposed sole stitching never permeates the upper, leaving no path for water to enter. 

In boots made for welding, Kevlar thread often replaces nylon or polyester stitching, giving exposed threads increased strength and heat resistance up to 800F. 

Welted construction allows attachment of thick, heavy, and long-lasting mid and outsoles. These provide a stable base for your foot, but often require weeks of wear before becoming truly comfortable. 

Worn-out welted soles are usually replaceable. But with a cost upwards of $150, it’s impractical for most welding boots since the uppers take so much abuse. 

Strobel (Cemented) Method

They attach the sole directly to the upper using cement, heat, and pressure. Also used for most athletic shoes, this method can create a lighter, more comfortable, and more affordable boot requiring little or no break-in for comfort. 

The Michelin Sledge Steel Toe is a high-end, comfortable boot made with the Strobel method.

The Caterpillar Jace Steel Toe combines cemented with welted construction to create a flexible boot with stability.


Most outsoles used on heavy-duty boots are resistant to slips and oil. Even without ratings, most provide some protection from electrical, puncture, and heat hazards because of the heavy nature of the sole material. 

Hazard-rated boots will carry the following designations:

CD = Conductive properties

EH = Electrical hazard properties

SD = Static dissipative

PR = Puncture resistant

Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Most smooth leather boots made with Goodyear welt construction are very water-resistant and shed incidental water. Commercial products, including oil, grease, and wax treatments will improve water resistance. 

But in my experience, waterproof and breathable boots don’t exist. Fully waterproof boots are usually hot enough to make my feet sweaty and damp. 

Top Accessories for your Welding Boots

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Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing (1-Quart Can)
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  • Lubricates and conditions leather without softening
  • Maintains flexibility in freezing temperatures
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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Non-Toxic & Made in The USA Since 1968. Protect &...
  • Powerful Leather Conditioner: Leather Honey penetrates deep to protect new leather and...
  • Restore All Types of Leather: Soften & moisturize leather furniture, car seats, shoes &...
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It’s easy to like the Carolina No. 505 8-inch as the overall best welding boots. Made in the USA using top-quality heat-resistant materials, the Carolina provides welders with all-day comfort and protection in harsh conditions.

It’s also offered in a 6-inch version with more sizes, making the Carolina No. 508 welding boot a top choice for women.

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