What Is Grind Mode on a Welding Helmet?

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Why You Need Grinding Mode on Your Next Welding Helmet It’s all about safety and productivity.  A welding helmet with grind mode includes an option to improve visibility during the grinding process by setting the lens shade at the lowest level. It eliminates the need to switch to a grinding shield. How Does Grind Mode … Read More

What Size Welding Gas Cylinder for MIG or TIG? Argon|CO2

Welding gas bottles.

Choosing a Gas Tank Size for MIG or TIG Welding If you’re new to MIG or TIG welding, you probably don’t know how much welding you’ll do, let alone how much welding gas you’ll go through. But it makes sense to have some idea of how long a welding gas bottle will last before deciding … Read More

Welding Safety for Beginners in 4 Steps

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Welding Safety for Beginners Learning to weld leads to an enjoyable and useful skill. But like many rewarding activities, it is possible to get hurt. Beginner welders who understand welding hazards and follow safety procedures can minimize their exposure to risk. This article covers the four steps of welding safety for beginners: Know the hazards … Read More

Main Types of Welds Used in Welding


Main Types of Welds Used in Welding While there are many weld types, the most commonly used types of welds are: Bead Fillet Groove Surfacing Tack Plug Slot Resistance In this article: Weld Types | Weld Parts Related reading: Guide to Welding Joint Types and Parts Weld Types Weld Bead Most of us start out … Read More

What Size Generator for Welding?

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What Size Generator for Welding? Sometimes it’s just more practical to tackle welding jobs in the field instead of in the comfort of your shop. Today’s generators and welders are more powerful and portable, making it easier than ever to weld at remote locations, but what size generator for welding is right for you? Jump … Read More

Must-Have Welding Tools for Beginners Starting Out

In this guide, you’ll get a detailed list of the must-have welding tools for beginners, along with a few more in the nice-to-have category.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a beginner welder thinking about the investment you’ll make to set up your workshop. But with a purchase of a welder, safety gear, and a … Read More

MIG Welding With 100% Argon Shielding Gas

MIG Welding with 100% Argon Shielding Gas

Running out of MIG gas in the middle of a project is a problem most welders will eventually face.

Since many of us also have a tank of pure Argon on hand for other types of welding, would MIG welding with 100% Argon on mild steel allow you to finish your project without a trip to the gas supplier?

Or, is it possible to MIG weld with Argon alone, and get by with using 100% Argon welding gas for all your MIG and TIG work?

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How to MIG Weld Aluminum Without a Spool Gun

MIG welding aluminum without a spool gun.

You’ve heard the horror stories about MIG welding aluminum without a spool gun—but you’re still thinking of giving it a try. I get it. Spool guns are expensive and have drawbacks. It’s no secret that aluminum welding is tricky even if you’re using a $250 spool gun. But if you’re up for the challenge—and have … Read More

Best Work Light for Welding: How to See What You Weld

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Trying to weld under dim lighting increases your odds of injury and making terrible welds. It’s just not worth the risk when it’s so easy to remedy this problem. I’ve narrowed the choices of best work light for welding down to the top ten. The options include task area lighting, along with some general lighting … Read More