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Helpful Welding Tips, How-Tos, and Ideas for Welding Projects

45+ Welded Furniture Project Ideas

What could be better then showing off your welding skills by creating your own welded furniture projects for your home? Quality furniture pieces can cost a fortune. So, being able to create your own furniture has its advantages. Plus, by making it yourself you can customize pieces to your own taste. We have put together a variety of projects to help you get started. From easy DIY projects to more advanced ideas, we’ve got something for everyone. Here are some of the projects you can try.

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Automated CNC Machinery Vs. Hand Gun Welding: Which is Best for Your Project?

Automated CNC Vs. Hand Gun Welding Guest post by Peter Jacobs In the welding industry, the widely accepted notion is that automated systems create a more accurate finish than traditional handheld welding systems. CNC welding ensures that each component of the stud welding process is calibrated and well-controlled to deliver consistent results.  While handheld welding […]

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25 Welded Coffee Table Ideas

If you need a coffee table but can’t find one that suits your needs, why not make your own? I’ve compiled a list of over 25 inspiring welded metal coffee table projects that are perfect for the DIY welder. There are step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and pictures to help you get started. There’s a design for every skill level, so let’s get started!

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Main Types of Welds Used in Welding

Main Types of Welds Used in Welding While there are many weld types, the most commonly used types of welds are: Bead Fillet Groove Surfacing Tack Plug Slot Resistance In this article: Weld Types | Weld Parts Related reading: Guide to Welding Joint Types and Parts Weld Types Weld Bead Most of us start out […]

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How Long is Welding School Training?

Just How Long is Welding School Training Anyway? The first requirement to become a professional welder is to graduate high school or get your GED. After that, aspiring welders usually begin their training journey at a welding trade school, college, or university. The chosen educational route determines just how long welding school training lasts for […]

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How Much Does Welding School Cost?

If you are considering becoming a welder, training will be the most important factor in determining the type of welding career you settle into. But training in the most recent welding technologies comes at a price. How much will welding school cost you? Most welding training schools cost between $3,000 and $20,000, with the average […]

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