Underwater Welding Dangers and Safety

Dangers of Underwater Welding

Why is underwater welding so dangerous? The main underwater welding dangers include electrocution, drowning, gas toxicity, and other effects of extreme pressure. Underwater Welding Dangers The dangers of underwater welding require operators to be skilled at both welding and commercial diving. Before picking up a mask, professional training for welding or diving focuses on the … Read More

45+ Welded Furniture Project Ideas

What could be better then showing off your welding skills by creating your own welded furniture projects for your home? Quality furniture pieces can cost a fortune. So, being able to create your own furniture has its advantages. Plus, by making it yourself you can customize pieces to your own taste. We have put together a variety of projects to help you get started. From easy DIY projects to more advanced ideas, we’ve got something for everyone. Here are some of the projects you can try.

Automated CNC Machinery Vs. Hand Gun Welding: Which is Best for Your Project?


Automated CNC Vs. Hand Gun Welding Guest post by Peter Jacobs In the welding industry, the widely accepted notion is that automated systems create a more accurate finish than traditional handheld welding systems. CNC welding ensures that each component of the stud welding process is calibrated and well-controlled to deliver consistent results.  While handheld welding … Read More

25 Welded Coffee Table Ideas


If you need a coffee table but can’t find one that suits your needs, why not make your own? I’ve compiled a list of over 25 inspiring welded metal coffee table projects that are perfect for the DIY welder. There are step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and pictures to help you get started. There’s a design for every skill level, so let’s get started!

Welding Projects For Fall and Thanksgiving

Welding Project Ideas For Fall and Thanksgiving D1 Article Cover

Here you’ll find the best fall and Thanksgiving welding projects. The list includes projects for welders of all experience levels, using a variety of metals. So why not get creative and head to your garage this year instead of going to the big box store? Give it a try!

38 Top Railroad Spike Welding Projects and Crafts

railroad spike welding projects featured image

Railroad spikes are among the most versatile and durable pieces of scrap steel, and they’re affordable to boot. Plus, it’s not hard to come up with projects you can tackle in your own garage. Here are 38 of our favorite railroad spike projects and crafts.

What Size Welding Gas Cylinder for MIG or TIG? Argon|CO2

Welding gas bottles.

Choosing a Gas Tank Size for MIG or TIG Welding If you’re new to MIG or TIG welding, you probably don’t know how much welding you’ll do, let alone how much welding gas you’ll go through. But it makes sense to have some idea of how long a welding gas bottle will last before deciding … Read More

Main Types of Welds Used in Welding


Main Types of Welds Used in Welding While there are many weld types, the most commonly used types of welds are: Bead Fillet Groove Surfacing Tack Plug Slot Resistance In this article: Weld Types | Weld Parts Related reading: Guide to Welding Joint Types and Parts Weld Types Weld Bead Most of us start out … Read More

How Long is Welding School Training?


Just How Long is Welding School Training Anyway? The first requirement to become a professional welder is to graduate high school or get a GED. After that, aspiring welders usually begin their training journey at a welding trade school, college, or university. The chosen educational route determines just how long welding school training lasts for … Read More