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What Is MIG Welding Gas? It’s Key to the Best Welds

It’s easy to overlook the vital role MIG welding gas plays in creating a good weld. 

When starting out with MIG, or gas metal arc welding (GMAW), I thought it was cool how the current, filler wire, and the shielding gas all feed through one cable. Pull the trigger and make welds.

And as long as everything works as it should, you have an excellent shot at making a clean, reliable weld with MIG.

I never gave a second thought to the welding gas. Until the first time I forgot to open the gas valve and discovered how ugly an unshielded weld could be.

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Christmas Welding Projects | 25+ Inspiring Ideas for Gifts & Decor

With the holiday season comes a unique opportunity for welders to create a variety of Christmas welding projects. Here you’ll find a large assortment of the best creative holiday projects to inspire you. 

Whether you’re interested in making welded home decor projects, need welding gift ideas or are looking to create items to make money welding, in this article you’ll find the guidance and inspiration that you need.

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Welding Project Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is fast becoming one of the most popular holidays for decorating your home. With your welder and a Halloween welding project or two, you can create your own horrifyingly creative Halloween decorations.

As always, the hardest part of getting started is coming up with ideas. I have put together a list of my favorite Halloween welding project ideas, and I’m excited to share them with you.

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25 Cutlery Welding Projects: Silverware Arts & Crafts

You’ve got a box of old silverware and a welder. Now what? 

How about trying your hand at cutlery art or silverware crafts?

Cutlery art offers an opportunity for the hobbyist welder to create home decor, garden art, and sculpture items from silverware and kitchen utensils. Whether you’re interested in cutlery welding projects for yourself, as gifts, or to sell, many options exist to get creative with cutlery.

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MIG Welding with 100% CO2 Shielding Gas

Ever wonder why some welders prefer MIG welding with 100% CO2 shielding gas instead of using a blend of argon and CO2 that’s designed for MIG?

Used to shield the weld from contamination, CO2 is plain-old carbon dioxide. It’s the same stuff used to extinguish fires, carbonate your beer and soda, and keep them cold.

The major advantage to MIG welding with CO2 is its low operating cost. But there are added benefits, along with a few downsides.

While it’s not for everyone, in the right situation straight CO2 is an excellent choice for a MIG shielding gas.

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33 Rebar Welding Projects for Garden, Barn & Home

You’ve purchased a welder and completed the welding projects it was initially intended for and now wonder what’s next?  Why not start with a few rebar welding projects?

Rebar is readily available at your local home supply store, steel supply store or you can roundup some scrap rebar and recycle it. 

Rebar is an inexpensive material that you can experiment with.

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Horseshoe Welding Project Tools & Supplies

Whether you’re taking up horseshoe welding as a hobby or want to create projects for some extra cash flow, you’ll need some basic tools to get you started. 

You may already have some tools you’ll need in your garage or workshop, so it may be as easy as adding just a few items.

Here’s a list of basic horseshoe welding tools that will help you complete your horseshoe welding projects.  You’ll also find links to more in-depth information for several of the items.

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Flux Core Aluminum Welding Wire: What You Need to Know

Having trouble finding flux core aluminum welding wire?

You’re not alone. There’s plenty of confusion on this topic, and even some deception.

Also referred to as gasless aluminum welding wire, it sounds like a suitable option for a minor welding job. And one that can save you hundreds on MIG welding gas and a spool gun. 

Plus, if your welder is a flux core only model, it’s your only option. Or is it?

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25 Horseshoe Welding Projects From Easy to Extraordinary

Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist welder, a blacksmith or a professional welder, horseshoes offer endless possibilities for useful metalworking projects. Horseshoe welding projects make great gifts, rustic home or barn decor pieces, garden art, sculpture and so much more. 

This fun hobby can also evolve into a nice side hustle to make extra money selling your creations online, at a craft show or at events.

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