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Helpful Welding Tips, How-Tos, and Ideas for Welding Projects

Main Types of Welds Used in Welding

Main Types of Welds Used in Welding While there are many weld types, the most commonly used types of welds are: Bead Fillet Groove Surfacing Tack Plug Slot Resistance In this article: Weld Types Weld Parts Related reading: Guide to Welding Joint Types and Parts Weld Types Weld Bead Most of us start out learning […]

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How Long is Welding School Training?

Just How Long is Welding School Training Anyway? The first requirement to become a professional welder is to graduate high school or get your GED. After that, aspiring welders usually begin their training journey at a welding trade school, college, or university. The chosen educational route determines just how long welding school training lasts for […]

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How Much Does Welding School Cost?

If you are considering becoming a welder, training will be the most important factor in determining the type of welding career you settle into. But training in the most recent welding technologies comes at a price. How much will welding school cost you? Most welding training schools cost between $3,000 and $20,000, with the average […]

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How to MIG Weld Aluminum Without a Spool Gun

You’ve heard the horror stories about MIG welding aluminum without a spool gun—but you’re still thinking of giving it a try. I get it. Spool guns are expensive and have drawbacks. It’s no secret that aluminum welding is tricky even if you’re using a $250 spool gun. But if you’re up for the challenge—and have […]

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How to Make Small Welding Projects From Scrap

You’ve got the bug to start welding and have purchased your first welder. Now you’re ready to dig in. But where do you start? A great place would be with some small welding projects from scrap. Using scrap metal will let you experiment without investing in expensive materials. Many items you may already have or […]

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What Is MIG Welding Gas? Shielding Gas Basics

It’s easy to overlook the role MIG welding gas plays in creating a solid weld.  With auto-feeding filler wire and shielding gas, MIG welders are designed to make clean and reliable welds with the pull of the trigger. When learning to weld, I rarely thought about shielding gas. That is, until the first time I […]

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Guide to Welding Joint Types and Parts

Guide to Welding Joint Types and Parts For welders first getting a handle on weld joint design—how pieces of metal are put together or aligned with each other for welding—it’s important to address welded joint concepts separately from the weld. This article will get you up to speed on the main welding joint types and […]

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