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Hundreds of the Best DIY Welding Project Ideas

When you think of welding, you may immediately think of industrial welding in the workplace. But, as so many have found, it’s a lot more than that. There are endless opportunities to create your own DIY welding projects.

Making things yourself ensures you get exactly what you want—a quality product at an affordable price. Whether you’re taking up welding as a hobby or you have been professionally welding for years, looking into DIY projects is exciting. You’ll find yourself creating home decor items, gifts, furniture, welding shop items and more. Nothing is more satisfying than taking pride in making it yourself.

New welders can practice basic techniques because many projects don’t require perfect welds. Experienced welders can learn new or more advanced techniques, or just brush up on their skills. Once you start digging in and creating projects you’ll find yourself inspired to continue creating even more.

When your family and friends see what you’ve been up to, you may find yourself becoming very popular as they ask: “Can you make one for me?” It might even turn into a side gig to make extra money or in some cases a full-time career.

We have assembled this page of welding project ideas to help get you inspired and to offer some guidance. We’ve categorized the ideas by specialty and we hope you find them helpful. Check back often as we are adding new projects to weld and updating the existing ones as well. Ready, set, weld!


45+ Welded Furniture Project Ideas

What could be better then showing off your welding skills by creating your own welded furniture projects for your home? Quality furniture pieces can cost a fortune. So, being able to create your own furniture has its advantages. Plus, by making it yourself you can customize pieces to your own taste. We have put together a variety of projects to help you get started. From easy DIY projects to more advanced ideas, we’ve got something for everyone. Here are some of the projects you can try.


25 Welded Coffee Table Ideas

If you need a coffee table but can’t find one that suits your needs, why not make your own? I’ve compiled a list of over 25 inspiring welded metal coffee table projects that are perfect for the DIY welder. There are step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and pictures to help you get started. There’s a design for every skill level, so let’s get started!

Welding Project Ideas For Fall and Thanksgiving D1 Article Cover

Welding Projects For Fall and Thanksgiving

Here you’ll find the best fall and Thanksgiving welding projects. The list includes projects for welders of all experience levels, using a variety of metals. So why not get creative and head to your garage this year instead of going to the big box store? Give it a try!

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38 Top Railroad Spike Welding Projects and Crafts

Railroad spikes are among the most versatile and durable pieces of scrap steel, and they’re affordable to boot. Plus, it’s not hard to come up with projects you can tackle in your own garage. Here are 38 of our favorite railroad spike projects and crafts.

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How to Make Small Welding Projects From Scrap

If you’re new to welding, you might be thinking about using discarded items in smaller projects.
After all, if you keep it simple, you can build your skills and confidence gradually, and using scrap keeps your costs down. If you want to test your welding skills and learn more, here are some great suggestions for small welding projects from scrap metal.

Welding Project Ideas For Halloween Article Cover

Welding Project Ideas For Halloween

Every year we look forward to decorating our homes for the fun Halloween holiday. But what if you could make some of your own Halloween decorations with your welder? Well, you can. If you need some ideas or instructions to create your projects, look no further. Here you’ll find some of the coolest Halloween welding projects that you make yourself.

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25 Cutlery Welding Projects: Silverware Arts & Crafts

Interested in silverware welding projects? Looking to get started and wondering how to weld silverware? We’ve got it covered. In this article you’ll find step-by-step instruction and inspiration. Ideas to create home decor, garden art, sculptures and more using cutlery can all be found here.

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33 Rebar Welding Projects for Garden, Barn & Home

If you’re looking for a fun, practical and creative way to spend a weekend, try your hand at rebar welding. It’s a great way to put your skills to the test, and build something you’ll be proud of.
We’ve got 33 projects to weld using rebar for the garden, barn and home that are perfect for all skill levels.

Horseshoe welding tools and supplies..

Horseshoe Welding Project Tools & Supplies

You’re fascinated by horseshoe welding projects but are wondering what do I need to get started? Here you’ll find the ultimate list of tools and equipment that you’ll need for your welding shop. Many items you may already have, so it may be as easy picking up a few essentials.