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25 Cutlery Welding Projects: Silverware Arts & Crafts

You’ve got a box of old silverware and a welder. Now what? 

How about trying your hand at cutlery art or silverware crafts?

Cutlery art offers an opportunity for the hobbyist welder to create home decor, garden art, and sculpture items from silverware and kitchen utensils. Whether you’re interested in cutlery welding projects for yourself, as gifts, or to sell, many options exist to get creative with cutlery.

The nice part of cutlery art is that silverware and kitchen utensils are abundant and easy to find. Check out garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and your local dollar stores. You might also have friends and family that are eager to donate their old silverware to you.

Here you’ll find a list of my favorite cutlery welding projects for your home, farm, and garden. Some have instructions, some have video, while others provide an image for inspiration. I hope you enjoy the list and it inspires you to get creative and start welding with cutlery!

Cutlery Welding Projects featured

Cutlery Welding Projects with Flowers and Art For The Garden

Welded Silverware Daisies

Cutlery Daisies

Here’s a fun design to get you started on cutlery welding projects. It features spoon handles and some metal parts you probably have lying around your garage. Follow these step-by-step instructions and you’ll have this funky set of daisies completed in an afternoon.

Cutlery Tulips With A Hummingbird

Who doesn’t love tulips? This design adds a hummingbird to the tulips and incorporates a nice stand as well. Plus, you can leave the tulips silver or get creative and paint them your favorite color.

Cutlery Fork Flowers

Cutlery Fork Flowers

These low-maintenance fork flowers would make a welcome addition to any garden or flower pot. For this project, you’ll be doing some bending and cutting along with welding to create these whimsical flowers. Here are the easy-to-follow instructions for this project.

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Welded Silverware Birds

With this popular project, you can make more than one bird design and scatter them throughout your garden. I like that I can mount them on stakes, which makes them easy to place in your yard and garden.

Silverware Rose

Who wouldn’t love to receive a beautiful metal rose? What’s nice about this project is that the rose will last forever, unlike the real thing! Here you’ll find a detailed video tutorial on how to make a rose out of spoons and then add fork tine thorns onto the stem for a finishing touch.

Welded Cutlery Butterfly

Cutlery Butterfly Welding Project

What garden would be complete without a butterfly? Each butterfly will be unique when you use unique cutlery patterns to create the body. Then add pierced spoons as wings for an added design element. Finish by adding a metal stake and planting it in your garden.

Cutlery Flower

Here’s a dangerously fun project using cutlery and recycled metal parts. The video will take you through the process of welding and assembling the flower. Add a splash of color to the design by painting the saw blade. Fun!

Silverware Welding Project Ideas for Home Decor

Silverware Vase

Just use a knife with a hollow handle for the vase and add a bent fork or spoon for the base. These vases are beautiful as a home decor item or would look nice as wedding or event centerpieces.

Cutlery Mirror

Cutlery Mirror Project

Add interest to a plain mirror by framing it in silverware and then mounting it in your dining area. Use forks and spoons or the handles from any silverware pieces to accent the mirror in interesting ways.

Animal Cutlery Welding Projects

Cutlery Horse

Cutlery Horse Project Idea

Here’s a nice design for the horse lover in your life. Use some vintage silverware for the body and add some wire for the mane and tail to complete the project. Make more than one with different flatware patterns to create your own unique herd.

Silverware Spoon Bugs

Spoon Bug Welding Project

These are the good kind of bugs! These bugs are so fun and easy to make you’ll end up wanting to make more than just one to scatter around the garden.

Cutlery Birds

Here’s a video that will guide you through how to make these popular cutlery birds. Mount them to a frame or board to make nice home decor pieces or use them outdoors in the garden.

Cutlery Bunny

Bunny Welded From Cutlery

This cute bunny design would be a nice decoration piece for the Easter holiday. Once finished, why not get the kids involved in painting it for some added fun?

Silverware Scorpion

Welded Scorpion From Cutlery

Flatware with a cool design on the handles works well for the body of the scorpion. Then use some fork tines for the legs and you’ve got yourself a scary creation.

Cutlery Owl

This project would be one to tackle after you have tried a couple of the easier projects and are ready for more of a challenge. Here’s a video that will take you through the steps for making a cutlery owl.

Cutlery Turkey

This turkey makes for great farmhouse decor or a fall decoration piece. Left plain or painted, it will be an exceptional conversation piece for sure.

Silverware Dragonfly

This is a nice starter project with easy-to-follow instructions. These dragonflies look nice in the garden or in potted plants, and you can make several in an afternoon.

Cutlery Cat

Cat Made From Welded Cutlery

Here’s one for the cat lover in your life. After it’s finished add a loop to the back so it can be mounted on the wall. Meow!

Welded Cutlery Art Christmas Ideas

Cutlery Angel Ornament

Looking for an easy welding project for the holiday season? These angel ornaments make a nice Christmas gift idea and you could make a few extras to sell on the side as well. Check out this video to get you going on this project.

Silverware Reindeer

Reindeer Welded From Silverware

A couple of cute reindeer would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s holiday decor. After you finish welding the reindeer together, add some paint for the finishing touches.

Freestanding Cutlery Angel

Angel Welded from Silverware

This piece features a larger pierced serving piece for the wings. The piercing adds an extra element of design to the piece. These angels would make beautiful centerpieces for your table or would look great on a mantel at Christmas.

Cutlery Christmas Tree

Welded Christmas Tree From Silverware

Here’s a new and different idea for a Christmas tree using forks and spoons. Once you’ve completed welding it together, you could add items to decorate it for even more sparkle.

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Silverware Welding Sculptures

Welded Silverware Horse Sculpture

Welded Silverware Horse Sculpture

This is a nice example of horse sculpture using cutlery by artist Jean Marie Parache.

Eagle Cutlery Sculpture

Eagle Sculpture Using Cutlery

Cutlery sculpture Gary Hovey consistently creates some of the finest cutlery sculpture pieces available, and this is no expectation.

Silverware Bouquets

Welded Bouquet Of Silverware

Here is an extraordinary example of how cutlery is used to make floral designs by the artist Ann Carrington.

Final Notes

Hey there! Thank you so much for checking out my article on cutlery welding projects. I hope that it’s inspired you to get started with this fun and rewarding hobby. Looking for more welding project ideas? You can find additional great projects to weld, right here!

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