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Best Welding Boots for All-Day Comfort & Safety

A vital piece of every welder’s PPE (personal protection equipment), we review and compare eight of the best welding boots for men and women.

At a minimum, welding boots must resist red-hot sparks and searing spatter, protecting the welder’s feet from these primary welding hazards.

A pair of good welding boots go further, shielding the wearer from dangers including impacts from dropped tools and heavy materials, electrical hazards, slips, and more.

The best boots for welding will safeguard users from both welding and metalworking hazards, while keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day.

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8 Best Welding Pants for Durability & Comfort

Made from a sturdy flame-resistant (FR) material, the best pants for welding will repel or self-extinguish fiery sparks and slag.

Keep in mind that even the best welding pants are flame-resistant—not burn-proof. They won’t last long if exposed directly to heavy slag or grinding sparks.

FR welding pants are best worn for light welding or grinding, or as secondary safety protection underneath a heavy apron or chaps.  

Because a good pair of welding pants is an essential part of your personal protection equipment (PPE), here are 8 of the best welding pants for men and women.

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What Size Generator for Welding?

Sometimes it’s just more practical to tackle certain projects in the field instead of in the convenience of your shop.

Today’s generators and welders are powerful and portable, making it easier than ever to weld at remote locations, but what size generator for welding is right for you?

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What Size Wire for Welder Extension Cord? 120V/240V

Need to know what size wire for welder extension cord safety and performance?

There’s no doubt that a lightweight, undersized cord can derail your welding project. With long runs, extra resistance can lead to cord-melting heat, shorts, and even fire. 

At a minimum, you can expect voltage to drop, causing poor weld performance and tripped breakers.

Avoid these issues with this welder extension cord chart. You’ll quickly learn what size wire can carry the load for your welder—at the extension cord length you need.

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Best Welding Shirts for Comfort and Protection

Designed to self-extinguish hot sparks, the best welding shirts protect and provide peace of mind from stray sparks that may sneak past welding helmets, jackets, and leathers. 

The best shirts for welding can keep you warm in cold weather, or even release trapped heat so you’re more comfortable when things get hot. 

Because you don’t want a trapped spark to smolder—or burst into flame—under your jacket, a good flame-resistant (FR) welding shirt is an essential part of your PPE (personal protection equipment). 

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