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33 Rebar Welding Projects for Garden, Barn & Home

You’ve purchased a welder and completed the welding projects it was initially intended for and now wonder what’s next?  Why not start with a few rebar welding projects?

Rebar is readily available at your local home supply store, steel supply store or you can round up some scrap rebar and recycle it. 

Rebar is an inexpensive material that you can experiment with.

Along with a simple you can create a wide variety of useful welding projects.

This fun hobby can also evolve into a nice side hustle to make extra money selling your creations online, at a craft show, or at events.

If you need to figure out what sizes are available for your projects, here’s a handy rebar size chart for a reference guide.

I like rebar because it is extremely versatile, easy to weld, and has a rustic industrial look to it.  I hope the ideas in this article will inspire you to get started welding with rebar and creating some great projects.

Rebar Welding Projects For The Outdoors

Rebar Log and Kindling Splitter

Rebar Log and Kindling Splitter

Whether you have a fireplace at home, at your cabin, or just need firewood split for campfires this log and kindling splitter will come in handy.  Follow these easy-to-understand instructions and you’ll have your new log splitter done and put to good use in no time.

Rebar Firewood Rack

rebar firewood rack

This is a nice firewood holder that is designed to hold plenty of firewood. Here are the instructions to help you create this practical piece that would look nice either indoors or outdoors.  

Rebar Dutch Oven Trivet

A dutch oven trivet is a must for those who love to cook over an open fire outdoors.  This piece is sturdy enough to hold your dutch oven or the lid on the reverse side as a griddle.  Check out this video that guides you through the steps to complete this project in less than a day.

Rebar Fire Pit Grill

Rebar Fire Pit Grill

If you love cooking outdoors over an open fire, you’ll enjoy cooking your favorite meals on this rebar grill.  Here are the instructions for the rebar grill which also include a link to the instructions for the welded fire pit.

Rebar Flag Holder

Rebar Flag Holder

Show off your patriotic side by welding your own flag holder.  This is a great project for the beginner welder and can be completed in an afternoon.

Welded Rebar Project Ideas For The Barn

Rebar Hay Feeder

rebar wall mount hay feeder

A hay feeder is a great rebar welding project for goats, horses, or other livestock in your barn.  The wall mount design will keep hay neat and off the ground.  Here are the complete easy-to-follow instructions to get you started on this project.

4-Prong Tack Hook

rebar tack hook

These hooks are so handy around the barn and can be used for a wide variety of tasks.  One will never be enough so you better plan on making at least two! 

Multi-Hook Coat Rack

welded rebar multi hook rack

Whether you need a place to hang your jacket or an extra place to hang tack this multi-hook rebar rack will come in handy at the barn. Plus, it’s so nice looking you may need one for the house too. 

Door/Drawer Pulls

Drawer and door pulls are expensive. But with this design, you can create the hardware yourself without the large expense. These drawer and door pulls go well with rustic or industrial farmhouse decor. This easy to assemble design is a great option for your barn or home.

Rebar Stall Door Name Signs

This is a great design using rebar and horseshoes to create stall door name signs for the horses at the barn.  Plus, they would also make for great signage throughout the barn both inside and outside. 

More Horseshoe Project Ideas: 25 Horseshoe Welding Projects From Easy to Extraordinary

Rebar Outdoor Hay Feeder

Welded rebar hay feeder project

I saw this rebar hay feeder out in a field and thought it would make a great rebar welding project for the barn.  You can adjust the height and width of this feeder to accommodate your needs and customize it as needed. 

Welded Rebar Garden Ideas

Rebar Garden Sphere

Rebar garden spheres make a great addition to any garden whether they are on the ground as decoration or up on stakes for vines to grow and spread onto. This project is a sure winner for any rustic garden.

Square Rebar Trellis

A rustic rebar trellis is a welcome addition to any garden and can be created in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your garden’s needs. Use the panels singly as a trellis against a house or garage for your favorite plants to climb on.

Rebar Garden Stakes

rebar garden stakes welding project

Use these stakes in your garden and yard to mark different kinds of plants and vegetables.  Paint them or leave them unfinished to rust and give your garden that rustic look.

Rebar Garden Flowers

welded rebar flower garden project

Add some fun accents to your garden by welding your own rebar flowers.  These look great left rustic or can be painted to add a splash of color to your garden.

Rebar Cactus

Are you looking for a little more challenging project?  This video will take you through how to make a rebar cactus for your yard.  When you have completed the project, you have the option of filling it with rocks for added interest. 

Rebar Plant Cage

welded rebar garden plant cage

This is definitely the deluxe version of a plant cage.  It gives your plants that need extra support they need while still looking nice. 

Rebar Garden Arch

welded rebar garden arch trellis project

Garden arches make for a nice presentation and provide a sturdy base for your plants that need some support to grow their vines on. Use these easy-to-follow instructions and you’ll have your garden all set for the growing season.

Rebar Vegetable Supports

Welded rebar vegetable garden plant supports

This is a nice rebar welding project for the beginner that wants to practice welding and also learn how to bend rebar at the same time.  Follow the step-by-step instructions and your garden will be all set for your vining flowers and vegetables.

Rebar Garden Art

Here is a fun project to add some variety and character to your garden.  It is also an impressive way to show off some of the rocks you have been collecting over the years.

Rebar Decor Welding Project Ideas

Rebar Shelf

This rebar shelf will add a nice touch to any room.  It looks nice painted or left rustic whichever matches your decor.  Add some boards for the shelves, hang them up, and add a few of your favorite items to display.

Rebar Signs

rebar sign welding project

Want to get creative and design signage for your home or workplace? Follow these instructions to learn how to make letters, bend rebar, and weld together a wall-mounted or freestanding rebar sign.

Rebar Star

welded rebar star design

Here’s a straightforward design that can be customized in so many ways once you get done welding it.  Choose your paint color or add decorations to create a customized design to hang or give as a gift.

Rebar Pots And Pans Holder

Rebar pots and pans holder welding project

Here’s a great project to help organize the kitchen and get the pots and pans out of the way at the same time. 

Rebar Peace Sign

This is another nice project for the beginner welder.  It would look great hung up on the side of a house or barn, or welded to a stake and displayed in a garden. 

Rebar Furniture Welding Projects

Rebar Hairpin Table Legs

welded rebar hairpin table legs

Use hairpin table legs to create any one of many table designs for your home.  Here are the easy-to-follow instructions for the project. You can use either rebar or hot-rolled steel rod to complete the project. More ideas for your home can be found in this article about welded furniture projects.

Rebar And Wood Stool

Create custom rebar stools for great rustic industrial-looking furniture pieces.  See the video for step-by-step guidance on this project.

Rebar Nesting Tables

This project will provide you with a nice set of nesting tables for your home.  Pick your wood and your paint color or sealer for the rebar and you can create a customized look to match your decor.

Welded Rebar Gift Ideas

Rebar Hearts

welded rebar hearts project

Make a set of rebar hearts for someone special. Play with the size and paint color, then mount them on the stand of your choice to customize your project. 

Rebar Cross

This is a nice project for the beginner welder.  Customize it by painting it, adding items like horseshoes, flowers, cut out metal shapes, or by mounting it to a piece of wood. 

Rebar Pumpkin

Rebar pumpkins are a nice addition to your garden, front porch, or inside for a rustic decor look.  Add an optional candle and it becomes a wonderful centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

More Halloween Project Ideas: Welding Project Ideas For Halloween

Just For Fun Rebar Welding Ideas!

Welded Rebar Spider Web

Here’s a cool outdoor decor project for the Halloween season or use it outside in the garden as a trellis.  Add a rebar spider and it gets extra scary!  Watch the video to get the step-by-step details on how to make this fun project.

Rebar Bottle Trees

Bottle trees are seen throughout the country and are prevalent in the southern United States. They make for some very interesting yard decor especially when you add your favorite glass bottles to them. This video goes over some history of the bottle trees and shows off some wonderful designs by The Bottle Tree Man.  Get inspired and create your own design using rebar or cold-rolled steel.

Final Notes

Wow, we’ve come to the end of my article on rebar welding projects! I hope you’ve found some inspiration and motivation to get started using this versatile metal. If you’re interested in more ideas, there are more great projects to try out here.

If you’re looking for a welder there is a great article about the best welders for metalworkers and DIY hobbyists that’s worth checking out here.

And, if you’re learning to weld, here are some welding books and reference guides to get you started.

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