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25 Horseshoe Welding Projects From Easy to Extraordinary

Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist welder, a blacksmith, or a professional welder, horseshoes offer endless possibilities for useful metalworking projects. Horseshoe welding projects make great gifts, rustic home or barn decor pieces, garden art, sculpture and so much more. 

This fun hobby can also evolve into a nice side hustle to make extra money selling your creations online, at a craft show, or at events.

Horseshoes are plentiful and easy to find either from your local farrier or barn if you want to use repurposed shoes. They are also available new for a reasonable price at your local farm supply store or online. If you want to figure out what size shoe you need, here is a free craft size guide from Diamond Farrier Company.

I have put together a list of my favorite project ideas and I’m excited to share them with you. Some projects have detailed instruction, others have a video while others just feature an image to inspire you. So have fun and get welding!

Easy Horseshoe Welding Projects For The Beginner Welder

1. Wine Rack With 2 Wine Glass Holders

Wine rack welding project made from horseshoes.

A must for every wine lover is this double bottle wine rack with wine glass holders.  Follow these easy-to-understand instructions and you’ll weld a great piece for your kitchen counter or to give as a gift to your favorite wine enthusiast.

2. Boot Rack

Boot rack horseshoe welding project.

Need a place to keep your boots organized at home or at the barn?  This welded boot rack of horseshoes and rebar is the answer. With these step-by-step instructions, you’ll have the project completed in no time.

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3. Wreath

A horseshoe wreath makes a great home or barn decor item that can be customized in many ways with ribbon, fabric, flowers, paints, and more.  With these easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be making them for yourself as well as friends and family in no time.  

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4. Horseshoe Hook

These hooks are handy to have just about anywhere at home or at the barn, and everyone could use more than one.  In the video, you’ll find complete instructions for the project and how to prep used horseshoes for repurposed welding projects.

5. Wall Wine Rack

This wine rack makes a great rustic wall decor piece and provides storage for 4 of your favorite bottles of wine.  The video tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process to successfully weld this project.

This video’s demonstrator, Stephen Christena, is the author of the book Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics - Includes techniques...: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics. It’s a great resource for those wanting to learn to weld.

6. Horseshoe Bowl

These bowls can be used in so many ways throughout the house for a rustic decor or equestrian theme look.  The video from Barbie the Welder will give you the guidance needed to successfully weld this project.

See more welding projects from Barbie the Welder in her book of Horseshoe Crafts.

7. Horseshoe Letters and Words

The word "Brave" made from welded horseshoes.

The possibilities for signage are endless when you learn how to create letters and numbers using horseshoes. Get started making fun and creative pieces by following these easy-to-understand instructions.

8. Simple Dutchoven Trivet Project

Easy welding project with horseshoes.

This easy trivet project makes the perfect accessory to one of a chef’s favorite pieces of kitchenware, the dutch oven.  Find the step-by-step instructions here to weld this useful project.

9. Plant Arch

Here is a great project which would be a welcome addition to any garden.  A unique garden arch with a hanging basket is flanked on both sides by standing planters.  

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10. Votive Candle Holders

Here’s a simple project for the beginner welder who wants to experiment with horseshoes.  Besides being a great rustic or equestrian decor piece, they would also make a nice gift for the horse lover in your life.

11.  Coat or Tack Rack

This piece will get used every day whether it be at home as a coat rack or at the barn as a tack rack.  The rack can be adjusted to whatever length you need just by adding or subtracting shoes to the project. 

12. Horseshoe Heart

Hearts make great gifts year-round and are simple to make.  They can also be customized with the addition of some ribbon, flowers, or paint.

13. Angel Cross

The angel cross is a wonderful project to memorialize someone or a special 4-legged friend.  You can customize it with items from your local craft store. Finish to your liking with paint, clear coat, or both.

14. Triple Bottle Wine Rack

This is a great starter welding project that would look great on anyone’s kitchen counter. Who doesn’t appreciate a nice, compact wine rack that is also filled with their favorite wines?

15. Double Shelf

Plant shelf project made from welded horseshoes.

Here’s a great idea that could be used inside as a display shelf or outside to hold a planter. Even better would be a grouping of several of these shelves for a great rustic look for your home.

16. Horseshoe Cross

Simple cross project made from welded horseshoes.

Here’s a nicely designed basic cross that would make a great addition to anyone’s home or barn.  So many possibilities exist to customize this popular welding project to your own personal taste. What a great gift it would make.

17. Curtain Tiebacks

Horseshoe curtain tie backs are easy toweld.

What horse lover wouldn’t like to decorate their home with a set or two of these curtain tiebacks?  A simple but functional design makes this easy project a winner.

Ideas for Advanced Welded Horseshoe Projects

18. Multiple Hook Coat Rack

This coat rack takes the basic rack design up a notch by welding a frame around the shoes.  It also includes an optional insert to give it a customized look. The video will take you through the process and you’ll have a unique piece that others will admire for years.

19. Business Card Holder With Nail Accents

Here’s a great project to start with if you are interested in adding nails to your projects.  Horseshoe nails are the perfect accompaniment to add some personalized artist creativity to your projects.  

The video will get you started welding nails and give you the confidence to try bigger projects.

20. Cross With Nail Accents

Push yourself artistically with the addition of nails to your horseshoe cross projects. Experiment with different cross designs and then add the nails to customize the designs to your own personal taste. The finished product is fabulous!

21. Chandelier

What horse lover wouldn’t love a horseshoe chandelier at their home or ranch?  Use this design to inspire you and get creative with shapes and designs for your own custom chandeliers.

22. Table

Here’s a great idea for a table base welded with horseshoes that could be used indoors or outdoors. Just add a top to your creation and you have a useful table that will last for years. See many more welded coffee table ideas, here.

23. Fire Pit

Horseshoes welded into an outdoor firepit.

Who wouldn’t like to have a horseshoe fire pit?  A great welding project for the backyard or the cabin that will bring enjoyment for years to friends and family.

24. Plant Stand

Tall plant stand using made from welding horseshoes together.

This is a unique design for a plant stand that would make a wonderful focal point in an outdoor garden or indoors with a houseplant in it. Experiment with different heights and you could make a set of three for the garden for everyone to admire.

25. Cactus 

Here is a horseshoe welding project that will challenge your artistic skills and create a unique piece of garden sculpture at the same time.  The cactus can stand alone as a sculpture or a trellis for your favorite vining plant in your garden. 

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for checking out my article on horseshoe welding projects. I hope you have gotten some ideas to inspire you to get started with this fun and rewarding hobby. You can find many more ideas for welding projects, here.

Be prepared for your first project by reviewing our list of horseshoe welding tools and supplies.

If you’re interested in a welder to get started welding your projects check out a review of the top welders for hobbyists and DIY metalworkers.

If you’re learning to weld, here’s an article on welding books and reference guides that are loaded with useful information.

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